Never Late, Never Away Chapter 456

After a while, Vivian slowed down and sat on a long bench. Lost in her thought, she was overcome by waves of helplessness.

Since Finnick doesn’t believe what I said, I’m sure he will force me to abort the baby by all means. He would never accept the fact that the baby is his own flesh and blood!What can I do to protect this baby?

At the same time, Vivian could not help but ask herself questions. It looks like Finnick insists that I should abort the baby because he suspects that it’s not his child.

If so, why does he refuse to accept my explanation? He is not aware of the possibility that I could be really pregnant with his child?

It seems Finnick only trusts Evelyn, so he is never suspicious of her! He emphasized that he knows Evelyn well just now. He obviously still has feelings for her.

Thinking of this, the tears in Vivian’s eyes started to well up again. Nonetheless, she managed to take a deep breath and held back her tears this round.

Shaking her head hard, she forced herself not to have any wild thoughts again.

Placing both her palms on her stomach, she swore to herself. I must protect myself and my baby. It doesn’t matter that the father doesn’t want the baby or even divorces me. I will protect my baby well at all costs. Nobody can stop me from bringing my baby to this world! I’ll try my best to raise my baby and shower him with loads of love!

Vivian told herself to think positively and stay motivated. Vivian William, don’t you worry! There will surely be a way out for you! Don’t give up easily! If it’s fated that I will be a single mother one day, I must stay strong and have the courage of a lion. I mustn’t cry so easily again. I must pull myself together now for I have to work hard and lead a happy life. If not, how can I take good care of my child?

Vivian managed to cool herself down again. She wiped off her tears and headed toward the hospital to pay Rachel a visit.

I wonder how her condition is now. I must grab the chance to ask her about her biological daughter’s whereabouts. I’m really worried that her condition might deteriorate at any time.

However, there was no sign of Rachel when she reached her ward. She sat on the bed and waited for her, thinking that she might have gone to the washroom.

Vivian waited for quite a long time before the door of the ward was opened again. To her surprise, a nurse walked in hastily instead of Rachel.

She asked Vivian nervously, “Are you Rachel William’s daughter?”

“Yeah, I’m her daughter. Is there anything?” Vivian stood up and asked instantly.

The nurse replied helplessly, “We’ve been looking for your mother. We don’t know where she is now.”

“Huh?” Vivian’s expression changed. “You don’t know where she is now? What actually happened?”

“When we were making our usual rounds this morning, we discovered that your mother was not in her room. Since then, everyone has been looking for her, but to no avail. We’re about to give u a call to inform you about it. Can you try to call her now to see if she is anywhere near the hospital?”

Vivian gave Rachel a call at once.

Mom, please answer the phone. Don’t scare me. Where are you now? Vivian started to mumble restlessly when her mother still did not answer the call.

Where can she go? She’s not familiar with this area at all. Vivian tried hard to think of the places that her mother would go, yet she did not have any clue.

All of a sudden, something came into Vivian’s mind. Ah! I can trace her current location via the GPS of her phone!

Vivian immediately clicked on her phone to search for Rachel’s current location. She was dumbfounded the moment she saw the location displayed on the phone.

Rachel was somewhere near the Morrison residence at the moment!

Vivian had been there previously with Finnick in order to hide themselves from the reporters on Evelyn’s death anniversary. Therefore, she could still recall the exact location of the residence.

Why did Mom go there?

Without wasting time, Vivian dashed out of the hospital and took a taxi to the Morrison residence.

The moment she reached the Morrison residence, she saw Rachel at the main gate. She was having a conversation with Evelyn. However, Evelyn was obviously feeling displeased as there was a grim look on her face. She was treating Rachel with utter indifference.

“Ms. Rachel, I guess there’s no need for you to enter the house. I don’t have much time. Can you go straight to the point?” Evelyn said impatiently without having any eye contact with Rachel. Crossing her arms, she knitted her brows and pretended that she was not aware of her affectionate gaze.

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