Never Late, Never Away Chapter 457

My goodness! Who does she think she is? I was just putting on a show previously to get close to her to give Vivian a blow. Yet, she dares to come here and look for me! She must have thought that I was being sincere with her then!

“Evelyn, how are things going on with you lately?” Rachel still asked Evelyn with great concern despite the profound coldness in her tone.

“Quite good.” Evelyn twitched her lips and replied coldly.

Rachel replied smilingly, “I’m glad to hear that you’re fine.”

Evelyn did not say anything, yet she glanced at her quizzically.

Looking intently at Evelyn, Rachel’s smile widened as she complimented her, “Evelyn, you’re a sweet girl since young. When you were still a little girl, you looked exactly like a delicate doll that caught everyone’s attention. You’ve now grown up into a gorgeous young lady. It is really a great blessing for the person who will win your heart and spend the rest of his lifetime with you.”

Rachel’s eyes were glistening with tears. Looks like I won’t live long till my Evelyn gets married then. I can only grab every single moment now that I can be with her.

Almost everyone, especially ladies enjoyed being flattered on their beauty. Evelyn’s face softened a bit upon hearing Rachel’s compliments.

Nonetheless, her face darkened again when Vivian’s face flashed across her mind. She looked at Rachel with disdain in her eyes. Hmph! If it’s not because of your daughter, I would have already been married to Finnick!

She didn’t feel like seeing anyone related to Vivian anymore and was about to ask Rachel to leave. Out of a sudden, there was a gust of strong wind. The dried leaves on the ground were blown toward Evelyn.

Some of the leaves landed on her blouse, leaving some stains of mud on it. Coincidentally, she was wearing a white blouse today. As a result, the stains were really obvious against the pure white blouse.

Evelyn brushed the leaves away from her blouse in frustration. Her frown deepened into a scowl as she grumbled, “What kind of strange wind this is! My favorite blouse is stained!”

Rachel raised her hand instantly, thinking of helping Evelyn to get rid of the stain on her blouse. However, she turned away swiftly to duck her hand.

At the sight of Rachel’s rough palms and dry skin, there were disdain and dismay in her eyes.

“What are you doing! This blouse is made of pure silk. It’s a limited edition of my favorite brand. Your palms are too rough and they will surely leave ugly scratches on it!”

Rachel immediately withdrew her hands and apologized to her in embarrassment, “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know that this blouse is so expensive. I was just trying to get rid of the dust from it.”

“Don’t bother about that. I can just send it to the dry cleaner. They will know how to handle it with care.” Evelyn could not help muttering silently in her heart as she asked impatiently, “Actually, why are you here? Do you want to see me for anything?”

“Actually nothing. I just miss you as it has been quite a long time since I last met you. That’s why I feel like paying you a visit and have a chat with you,” Rachel replied gently and gazed lovingly at her.

Rachel just replied casually, “Oh! If there’s nothing else, can you leave now? I’m running out of time as I need to go out later.”

A sense of disappointment flashed across Rachel’s face. However, she still forced a smile and said, “Just go ahead with your plan. Don’t let me hold you back.”

“Alright, I will go in first.” Evelyn turned and walked toward the house.

“Evelyn, please give me a moment!” Rachel was initially thinking of holding Evelyn’s hand. Nevertheless, she changed her mind as she thought of something and moved hurriedly in front of Evelyn to stop her.

Rolling her eyes, Evelyn asked in great displeasure, “Anything else?”

“Evelyn, actually I just feel like asking if you can take some time to drop by my house for a meal. I’ll prepare your favorite dish for you.” Rachel said warily and looked at Evelyn with her begging eyes.

“I’m quite occupied lately so I can’t make the time,” Rachel replied coldly and continued to walk toward her house.

Rachel stopped her and persuaded her again, “Evelyn, I really hope that you can allocate time to drop by my house. I still remember that you used to like my omelette so much. You haven’t tasted it for quite a long time, right? Let me prepare it for you once again.”

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