Never Late, Never Away Chapter 459

Having each ordered a coffee, they chatted about the latest developments in their lives.

“How is Ms. Rachel’s health?” Just when Vivian didn’t know how to broach the topic about Rachel and Evelyn, Benedict brought it up first.

“My mom is in good shape.” After giving it some thought, Vivian decided not to tell Benedict about Rachel’s leukemia. “It’s just that she has recently complained about not having seen your sister in a long time.”

“Is that so?” Benedict chuckled. “She always has a soft spot for Evelyn since a long time ago. When I have the time, I’ll take Evelyn to the hospital to visit Ms. Rachel.”

“Thank you.” Vivian raised her head and smiled.

Stirring her coffee gently, she pretended to casually ask, “I really feel my mom adores your sister. When she was working at the Morrison residence, was she always especially nice to Evelyn?”

“Mmm-hmm,” Benedict nodded. “Ms. Rachel had always loved and taken great care of Evelyn since she was little. In fact, the reason your mom worked as a nanny in my house was because of Evelyn.”

“How so?” Vivian asked with an anxious expression.

When he noticed the concerned look on Vivian’s face, Benedict couldn’t help but get suspicious. But he assumed that she was just being curious and continued to explain, “When Evelyn was born, she was kidnapped from the maternity ward. At that time, my family was in a panic as we were not able to find her.”

He continued, “Later on, Ms. Rachel brought Evelyn back and my parents were extremely grateful. They wanted to reward her with a large sum of money but she refused. There was nothing my family could do to convince here otherwise.”

He added, “A few years later, she suddenly came to our house when we were looking to hire a nanny. My family recognized her and wanted to give her the reward money again now that she had fallen on hard times. However, she still refused it saying that she had rescued Evelyn by accident. If we really wanted to thank her, we should just hire her as the nanny.”

Benedict continued, “My family had no choice but to agree. Given that she seemed to be tied to Evelyn by fate, they decided to let Ms. Rachel care for her. In other words, you can say that Evelyn was raised by Ms. Rachel.” When he finished, Benedict raised his coffee mug and took a sip.

Having heard the story, Vivian was confused as to how did Rachel manage to save Evelyn.

“Did my mom ever mention how has she saved your sister?” Vivian asked curiously.

“Hmm.” Pondering in silence, Benedict tried to recall what happened then. However, nothing came to mind.

“I’m not really sure as I was too young back then. That’s why I barely can remember what happened. In fact, my parents told me everything I know. They said that Ms. Rachel is Evelyn’s savior and we owe her a debt of gratitude. That’s why we must respect her and treat her as a family elder instead of a servant.”

“I see.” Vivian nodded thoughtfully before asking, “In that case, did your family investigate who abducted your sister?”

“Of course, we did. It was just that the investigations yielded nothing. They weren’t able to find out anything about the kidnapper.” Benedict frowned. “Later on, we didn’t pursue the matter any further as Evelyn had returned safe and sound. And that was all there was to it.”

Benedict’s words caused Vivian’s suspicions to intensify. How did Rachel coincidentally save Evelyn then? It would be unlikely for a woman like her to face the kidnappers alone and save the child. This doesn’t make any sense at all.

Furthermore, given how powerful the Morrison family is, how could they not find the kidnappers then? Unless, the kidnapping didn’t occur at all.

The more she thought about it the more shocked Vivian was. She was surprised that Benedict’s explanation didn’t lay her doubts to rest. Instead, they seemed to have confirmed her suspicions.

Taking a sip of coffee, Vivian tried to suppress the shock she felt before casually asking, “Benedict, is Evelyn’s birthday around the corner?”

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