Never Late, Never Away Chapter 46

Finnick kept his composure; even when he laid eyes on Vivian, there was not a shred of emotion on his face.

“Ok, let’s begin now.” Fabian smiled demurely and gestured at Vivian to lay down on the sofa. Finnick pushed his wheelchair and moved toward them, completely avoiding Vivian’s gaze.

“Thank you, Uncle Finnick, for the visit last time.” Fabian feigned ignorance as if there was no pressing tension in the room. He uttered, “We are very grateful for that interview as it greatly increased the sales of our magazines.”

“You are welcome,” replied Finnick.

“The purpose of this interview is to find out more about your recent Youth Award,” said Fabian. “How did you feel when you received this award?”

“It felt like an affirmation of my efforts,” responded Finnick.

The pair of uncle-nephew carried on their conversation composedly. This starkly contrasted to the turbulent feelings that Vivian who was sitting at the side was experiencing.

She was too well versed with Fabian’s character. The fact that the Chief Editor personally conducted this interview demonstrated that there must be some underlying motive.

Could it be? Vivian suddenly recalled the photographs that she glanced through yesterday and her face immediately turned pale.

Does Fabian want to expose those pictures to Finnick?

Little did Vivian know that Fabian had already shown Finnick all the photographs. The interview today was conducted solely because Fabian felt anguished.

He was vexed by the fact that Vivian was completely unmoved by his actions. Hence, when the magazine company decided to re-interview Finnick, he decided to bring Vivian along personally.

After a few uncontroversial questions, Fabian’s eyes lit up and he inquired, “Was the Internet abuzz with news about your wife after the award ceremony?”

Finnick lowered his gaze and nodded his head. “Yes, it was.”

“If you don’t mind, could you please share more about your wife?” Fabian smiled politely and remarked, “As you should know, the female readers love gossiping about this.”

“What about my wife? She is just a simple lady,” replied Finnick with a small smile.

“Can you describe her a little more?” Fabian queried as his gaze swept over Vivian who sat next to him. “She must be a special and kind lady. Do you share a great relationship with her?”

After listening to Fabian’s question, Vivian instantly understood why he brought her to conduct the interview.

Fabian wanted Finnick to reveal his deep love for his wife in order to force Vivian to back down and feel guilt for her actions.

Vivian suddenly found this hilarious.

Could it be that Fabian wants me to be jealous of myself?

It would be comical should he subsequently finds out that I’m Finnick’s wife all along.

At the thought of that, Vivian involuntarily shivered.

Never mind, that realization won’t be happening right now anyway.

On the other side, Finnick also came to the realization of the purpose of Fabian’s line of questioning.

His eyes lit up as he gazed at Vivian, who could not mask her grin.

Involuntarily, the corner of Finnick’s lips curved up.

She must be enjoying this right? Since Vivian found this interesting, Finnick was happy to continue the facade.

“Indeed, my wife is naive and good-natured.” Finnick slowly continued, “She is very bashful. Even after our marriage, she blushes easily and her behavior is extremely endearing.”

Vivian was stunned by his words. She gazed at Finnick, who caught her gaze and smiled back at her.

Vivian’s face instantly turned bright red.

Finnick was clearly describing her.

After all, he wasn’t that close to her. Every time they had any kind of intimate interaction, an internal furnace would burn through her face.

After hearing what Finnick described, Fabian instantly glanced arrogantly at Vivian who was sitting next to him.

He thought that Vivian would feel ashamed after hearing Finnick’s description of his wife. However, her face only tinged with slight redness as she awkwardly recorded down what Finnick recounted.

Fabian furrowed his brows and continued his line of enquiry, “So, you like ladies who are kind-hearted and pure?”

Finnick cracked a small smile and remained silent.

Fabian was not satisfied with Finnick’s answer and queried, “I suppose so, right? Who wouldn’t like someone who is innocent and endearing? We should be wary of those gold-digger women instead.”

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