Never Late, Never Away Chapter 461

Holding that thought, Vivian decided to call Benedict straight. She was anxious to know what happened then.

“Hello? Vivian, what can I do for you?” As they had just met at noon, Benedict couldn’t guess what Vivian was calling him for.

No longer probing discreetly, Vivian was direct in her question. “Benedict, I want to know how your family made sure the baby my mom brought back was your sister?”

“What are you asking this for?” Benedict didn’t understand why Vivian was interested in the matter.

“Tell me first and then I’ll explain.”

Sensing the impatience in her tone, Benedict didn’t question further. “The nurse at the hospital said that my sister had a birthmark that looked like a butterfly on her waist. When Ms. Rachel brought the baby back, it also had the same birthmark. That’s how we were sure she was my sister.”

Vivian’s face turned pale at Benedict’s words. She held onto the phone for a long time without saying a word because she had a butterfly-shaped birthmark on her waist.

“Vivian, why are you asking all this?” Unable to resist his curiosity, Benedict repeated his question.

However, Vivian was still reeling from the shock after hearing Benedict’s answer. She had slumped to the ground and threw her phone aside.

Can it be any more coincidental that Benedict’s sister has the same birthmark as I do?

Vivian could feel the answer emerging in her mind but she was struggling to suppress it, unwilling to accept the truth. No, it definitely isn’t what I think it is.

“Vivian, are you still there? Hello…” When he didn’t hear a response despite him calling out, Benedict began to worry.

Checking his phone again, he could still see that the call was still connected.

“Hello, Vivian, can you hear me? Hello?” Raising his voice, Benedict’s tone became increasingly anxious.

Jolted back to her senses by Benedict’s voice, Vivian quickly picked up her phone. “Hello, Benedict.” Vivian’s voice was choking and filled with emotional turmoil. If what she thought was true, she and Benedict were actually…

“Vivian, what happened? Why did you not say anything?”

“It’s nothing, I…” Her voice choked again. Moving her phone further, Vivian collected herself before speaking again. “Benedict, thank you for telling me all this. I have to go now. We’ll talk again.”

Before Benedict could respond, Vivian ended the call. She could already feel tears welling up in her eyes. If she continued the conversation, she was afraid that she would burst into tears.

Benedict was surprised at how abruptly Vivian ended the call. Just a moment ago, he could hear her crying faintly. What’s going on?

Thinking back about what happened today, Benedict felt that Vivian had been acting strangely. Given her usual disposition, it was unlikely that she would invite him out for coffee. Therefore, she must have been at the Morrison residence for some other reason.

Furthermore, she was focused on trying to find out more about Rachel and Evelyn at the café. He didn’t think too much about it at first. But, when he put the questions into context with what she asked him over the phone, a faint realization began to emerge in his head.

Does she think there’s something amiss when Rachel saved Evelyn all those years ago? If not, why is she behaving this way?

Holding that thought, Benedict’s expression became solemn. He quickly picked up his phone and made a call which connected at once.

“Hello, Mr. Morrison, is there anything you need help with?” The man was a private investigator who was close to Benedict and whom he trusted. Normally, Benedict would get him to investigate whatever he wanted to find out.

“Can you help me investigate Vivian William? She is the wife of the Finnor Group’s president, Finnick Norton. Find out what’s going on with her recently. I want to know as soon as possible.”

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