Never Late, Never Away Chapter 462

“Understood, I’ll get right on it.” The man ended the call.

Holding his phone, Benedict’s heart raced as he could sense that he was on the verge of discovering a terrible truth.

The private investigator was exceptionally efficient and quickly reported back to Benedict.

“Mr. Morrison, based on my investigations, I found out that Vivian’s mother has recently been diagnosed with leukemia. When Vivian tried to donate her bone marrow to Rachel, the medical report stated that her bone marrow was incompatible. Therefore, she was unable to treat her mother.”

“Ms. Rachel has leukemia?” Benedict was shocked by the news. Didn’t Vivian just claim that she was in good health today? It seems she is hiding something.

“That’s right. Furthermore, the medical report showed that Vivian’s DNA does not matched her mother’s. Consequently, she is not Rachel’s daughter.”

“What? Is this information reliable?” Benedict was further shocked. If Vivian isn’t Rachel’s daughter, then whose daughter is she? What is her true identity?


Having heard the private investigator’s confirmation, Benedict recalled all the questions Vivian had today. Suddenly, he felt even more disconcerted.

Vivian must definitely be aware that she isn’t Rachel’s daughter. In that case, why is she enquiring about Evelyn’s kidnapping? Is she trying to validate her suspicions?

Benedict, is your sister’s birthday around the corner?

Did my mom ever mention how she rescued your sister?

Benedict, how did your family know that the baby my mom returned was your sister?

One by one, Vivian’s questions flashed through Benedict’s mind. Vivian wouldn’t be interested in all this for no good reason. There must be something amiss with what happened then.

“Ms. Rachel and Evelyn…” Benedict mumbled softly. Could it be that the baby Ms. Rachel brought back isn’t my sister?

Holding that thought, Benedict’s eyes flashed with disbelief.

“Alright, I understand. I’m sure you’re aware of Evelyn’s kidnapping at birth?” Benedict asked the man over the phone in a serious tone.


“Can you reinvestigate the kidnapping and see if you are still able to locate the kidnappers. I suspect there is more to what happened than that meets the eye.”

“Alright, I understand.”

“Also, you should focus on the baby that Rachel brought back. Investigate where did she find the baby from.”


After ending the call, Benedict clenched his fists while hoping that the truth wasn’t what he imagined it to be.

Meanwhile, Vivian had returned to the hospital.

Along the journey from the library to the hospital, Vivian was thinking about the day’s events. Rachel’s attitude toward Evelyn, Evelyn’s rescue by Rachel when she was a baby, how Rachel went to the Morrison residence as a nanny, and Benedict’s mention that his sister had a butterfly birthmark were all the events that whirled in her mind.

Could Evelyn be Rachel’s biological daughter? Which explains why she refused to tell me where her biological daughter is? Is she worried that what she did then maybe exposed?

Vivian was reluctant to believe in what appeared to be the truth. However, the facts continued to force her to think along that line.

Back at the hospital, Vivian saw that Rachel had returned to her ward. She was sitting on her bed crying, and didn’t notice Vivian’s presence.

Although she had fulfilled one of her wishes after seeing Evelyn today, she also noticed the drastic change in Evelyn’s attitude toward her.

However, she couldn’t blame Evelyn for it as she was responsible for creating the current circumstance. It was understandable for Evelyn to not feel any attachment to her. After all, she was just a nanny to Evelyn.

The thought of Evelyn not bothered to look at her caused Rachel’s tears to gush further. Although Evelyn had agreed to visit her home for dinner, Rachel wasn’t sure if she would turn up in the end. Can I see her one last time before I die?

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