Never Late, Never Away Chapter 464

“Vivian, I… I… don’t know how to tell you. I’m really sorry…”

“Mom, just tell me what happened then. Who am I really? Do you plan to hide it from me my entire life?” Vivian pressed on with her questions when she sensed Rachel waver.

Looking at Vivian, Rachel was filled with guilt. If not for me, Vivian would have lived a life of luxury and needn’t have to suffer together with me.

I have done this to her. Am I really going to hide the truth from her forever? It really isn’t fair to her.

“Vivian, I’m sorry for lying to you all these years. I have wronged you!” Rachel was attached to Vivian after having spent so many years together. She hugged Vivian tightly and cried aloud, “Vivian, you have to forgive me.”

“Mom.” Vivian hugged Rachel back. “I don’t blame you. After all, you are the one who raised me. Why don’t you just tell me what happened back then?”

“Alright, I won’t hide the truth from you anymore.” Wiping off her tears, Rachel gave Vivian a guilty look and finally explained what happened in detail.

Back then, Rachel was poor and had to recuperate in her rented home after having just given birth.

One day, she noticed the faint cries of a baby when she was taking out the trash. Tracing the sound, she came upon a baby lying not far away in a corner.

“Whose child is this? Who has done this?” Rachel quickly picked the baby up.

She noticed that the baby legs were red from frostbite due to the morning cold. As a new mother, she was heartbroken to see the baby’s condition and cursed whoever was heartless enough to have left the baby by the roadside.

Carrying the baby in her arms, Rachel waited downstairs for a while but no one came to claim it. Despite asking the surrounding neighbors, no one saw anyone dump the baby. Left without a choice, Rachel brought the baby back home.

As the baby’s clothes were already wet from the morning dew, Rachel changed them with her own baby clothes as she was worried it would catch a cold. As it was also a newborn, the clothes easily fit.

“It’s a girl.” As she unwrapped the baby, Rachel noticed that it was just like her own child.

When she dressed the baby, she noticed a birthmark on her waist. Taking a closer look, Rachel couldn’t help but laugh when she saw it resembled a butterfly. “Even her birthmark looks special. This is no ordinary girl after all.”

At that moment, the baby girl’s eyes opened and looked at her curiously. When Rachel played with her hand, the baby unexpectedly smiled back at her.

Checking the baby’s limbs, Rachel noticed that they were all healthy. Besides, the baby didn’t have down syndrome. Rachel couldn’t help but curse at her parents again. They are such irresponsible people. How could they have abandoned such an adorable child?

Looking at the baby lying on the bed, Rachel felt conflicted. It was already a burden to take care of her own child. Therefore, she couldn’t afford to take in another one. However, she wondered where she should return the baby to.

After giving it some thought, she decided to take the baby to the police station in the afternoon. She felt going to the police was the best choice. Perhaps, the parents lost the baby by accident and didn’t intend to abandon her.

After deciding, Rachel prepared some milk for it as she figured the baby must be starving. Holding the milk bottle in her hands, the baby began to suckle up, causing Rachel to smile at how adorable it was.

Having fed the baby, Rachel prepared her own meal and planned to head to the police station once she had finished.

While she was eating, a news report on the television caught her attention.

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