Never Late, Never Away Chapter 465

“The daughter belonging to the Morrison Group’s family was kidnapped today. After receiving the ransom, the kidnappers didn’t return the baby. Hence, the baby has yet to be found. According to the parents, the baby has a butterfly-shaped birthmark on its waist. They are appealing to whoever has seen the baby to give them a call. Their contact is…”

“A butterfly-shaped birthmark.” When she heard the news report, Rachel thought about the baby that she had just found. Doesn’t the child have a butterfly-shaped birthmark too? Could the baby belong to the Morrison family?

She had heard of the Morrison Group before as it was among the city’s largest conglomerates. She couldn’t believe the fact that the baby she found came from such a prominent background.

After getting over her shock, Rachel was delighted to have found the baby’s parents. Hence, she decided to send the baby straight to the Morrison Group. She had previously worked as a cleaner nearby. Hence, she knew where their office was located.

After finishing up her meal, Rachel wanted to take her own daughter to her neighbor for her to be watched over before she left. However, the moment she carried her, a ludicrous thought crossed her mind.

Taking a good look at her own home, she realized that the paint in her house was already peeling and she had covered them up with newspapers. The kitchen and toilet were exceptionally small while the hall hardly had any space left after the sofa was placed inside.

Furthermore, she didn’t even own the place. When she thought about the contemptuous look her landlord gave whenever she paid her rental every month, Rachel couldn’t help but wonder, Will my child have a good life if she stays with me?

No, what awaits her is only suffering. But what if she is raised by the Morrison family? If my daughter becomes the Morrison family’s daughter, she will have everything she wishes for and live the life of a princess.

Rachel’s heart raced furiously the moment the idea popped into her head. That’s right. I cannot let my daughter suffer and I must make sure she has a better life.

Having made the decision, Rachel examined the birthmark of the baby girl and branded her daughter with a similar one.

When she heard her daughter crying in excruciating pain during the branding, Rachel was so heartbroken that she had to hold her breath. Tears couldn’t help but stream down her cheeks.

“Be good, my baby. I am doing this for your own good. I want you to have a better life. Be good and stop crying now,” Rachel coaxed her daughter.

After a few days when the brand finally healed, Rachel checked to see that it looked similar to the birthmark. With that, she decided to send her daughter to the Morrison family.

After coaxing the baby she found to sleep, Rachel headed to Morrison Group with her own daughter. When she informed the reception about the purpose of her visit, the baby’s parents rushed over in delight.

Lifting up its clothes to check, they saw the butterfly-shaped birthmark by her waist.

“Thank you. We really can’t thank you enough.” The lady of the Morrison family who was also Benedict’s mother held onto Rachel’s hand gratefully. She was greatly relieved to have her daughter back safe and sound.

Rachel replied awkwardly. “It’s nothing. I found it by coincidence.”

Nevertheless, Benedict’s parents insisted on giving Rachel a huge reward to thank her. However, there was no way Rachel would accept it. After being rejected a few times, Benedict’s parents didn’t force the issue and assumed that they had just met a good Samaritan.

Back at home, Rachel lay on her bed and cried as she didn’t know when she would be able to see her daughter again. She reiterated to herself. I don’t regret it. At the end of the day, I want my child to have a better life.

After revealing the truth in detail, Rachel sobbed while apologizing, “Vivian, this is all my fault as I was too selfish then. I am the cause of your suffering. Can you ever forgive me?”

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