Never Late, Never Away Chapter 466

Vivian was stunned for a long while after hearing Rachel’s story. It seemed that her suspicions were correct and Benedict was indeed her brother. She was a member of the Morrison family while Evelyn was Rachel and Harvey’s daughter.

It explained why the paternity test showed that she wasn’t Harvey’s daughter and the reason why her bone marrow wasn’t compatible with Rachel. Furthermore, she understood why Rachel refused to reveal where her biological daughter was. Everything made sense now.

Vivian wasn’t sure how she felt at that moment. She felt like laughing and crying at the same time to have realized that her life had been but a lie. Fate had been playing a cruel trick on her since she was young.

For a fleeting moment, Vivian felt confused. Who am I then? Where am I supposed to go? Somehow she felt that she was neither the Morrison family’s nor Rachel’s daughter. What am I going to do going forward?

When Rachel saw Vivian’s ashen expression while staring at her listlessly, she assumed Vivian wasn’t willing to forgive her. “Vivian, I’m sorry. Say something, please? I have wronged you. Hit me if it makes you feel better.” Just as she spoke, Rachel lifted Vivian’s hands to hit herself.

Jolted back to her senses by Rachel’s action, Vivian quickly retracted her hand. “Mom, what are you doing?”

“It’s all my fault. I’m not worthy to be your mom. Vivian, I’m sorry. I’m truly sorry…”

Vivian’s heart melted when she saw Rachel apologizing to her in tears.

Although Rachel had switched her at birth, she still raised her as if she was her own daughter. She couldn’t forget the scene during a cold winter night, Rachel hugged her feet to sleep as they were too poor to own a heater.

Her memory was filled with similar events. Although she didn’t have a father, Rachel had showered her with more than enough love to make up for it. Therefore, Vivian couldn’t bring herself to blame her.

With a piece of tissue, Vivian helped Rachel wipe her tears. “Mom, I don’t blame you. No matter what happens, you are the one who has raised me painstakingly. Even though I’m not your biological daughter, you are still my mother.”

“Really, Vivian? Do you really forgive me?”

“Mmm-hmm.” Vivian nodded with conviction. “You will always be my mom.”

A smile finally broke out on Rachel’s face. After spending so many years together, she had long treated Vivian as her own.

In fact, to compensate for the guilt she felt, she always spent as much as she could on Vivian despite not earning much.

Therefore, she would have been devastated if Vivian had broken ties with her because of what she did.

“Thank you, Vivian. Thank you for forgiving me and acknowledging me as your mom still.”

Vivian reached out to hug Rachel and burst into tears on her shoulders. “Mom, as long as you’re willing, I will always be your daughter. I will take care of you even in your old age.”

Vivian’s words intensified Rachel’s guilt. This girl is simply too kind. Despite knowing what I did, not only did she forgive me, but also promised to care for me. It’s all my fault to have committed such a terrible deed against her.

After crying in each other’s arms, Vivian remembered Rachel’s condition and gently pushed her away. “Mom, let’s stop crying. Your health isn’t great so it’s better not to get too emotional.”

“Alright, I’ll stop crying.” Rachel wiped the tears off her eyes. When she saw that Vivian had tears in her eyes, she caressed her face with a sympathetic expression. “I’ll stop crying and so should you.”

“Mmm-hmm.” Vivian grunted in acknowledgment as she wiped her tears clean.

After getting it off her chest, Vivian felt the distance between her and her mom drew closer now. At this moment, she felt loved again.

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