Never Late, Never Away Chapter 467

Suddenly, Rachel looked at Vivian as if she had something to say. It was as if something had occurred to her. Sensing her reticence, Vivian asked softly, “Mom, what’s is it? Do you have something to tell me?”

When Rachel stared at Vivian with a wary gaze and conflicted expression, Vivian became more confused.

“Vivian, do you plan to tell Benedict about this?”

Having heard Rachel’s question, Vivian finally understood why she reacted that way earlier. It was totally understandable for Rachel to be concerned as Evelyn was her biological daughter after all.

However, Vivian didn’t know what to say in response.

On one hand, Benedict was her brother and her only living family related by blood. However, for the last twenty years and more, Benedict had assumed Evelyn was his sister and loved her to bits. If I tell Benedict the truth, will he be able to accept it?

Meanwhile, Vivian looked at Rachel who was waiting anxiously for an answer. Although Rachel didn’t say a word, it was obvious to Vivian that she didn’t want her to reveal the truth, so that Evelyn would not lose the luxurious life she was currently enjoying.

“I… I don’t know.” After hesitating for a moment, Vivian was upfront about her feelings. “I haven’t given it much thought as I have just found out about it.”

“Mmm-hmm.” Rachel nodded, she knew it wasn’t appropriate to press on the matter. However, a tinge of disappointment flashed across her eyes instead.

As Vivian was aware of what her intentions were, both of them fell into an awkward silence.

“Mom, you should rest now. I need to go as I have something to attend to.” Vivian broke the silence by taking her leave.

“Alright, you just go ahead.” Vivian didn’t ask her to stay back any longer.

“Alright, you should try and get some rest.” Just as she spoke, Vivian helped Rachel lie down and tucked her in. After that, she turned and left the ward.

Having left the hospital, Vivian began to consider what she should be doing next.

Although she hadn’t decided if she should tell Benedict the truth, she was sure that Evelyn had to know. Given Rachel’s condition, she had no time to lose. If Evelyn knew that Rachel was her biological mom, she might be willing to donate her bone marrow to her.

However, Vivian was worried that Evelyn would not believe her.

Her relationship with Evelyn was in tatters especially after she learned that Evelyn was the one who planned her kidnapping. Every time she saw Evelyn, she would relive the scene where four men tore off her clothes, she had nothing but hatred for her.

Furthermore, Evelyn was the cause of her currently strained relationship with Finnick. Hence, the last person she wanted to see now was Evelyn.

However, the thought of Rachel’s condition… Forget it. I’ll just bear with it for Rachel’s sake. I believe Evelyn will not be as cruel as to not save her biological mother.

Having thought through it, Vivian took a cab to the Morrison residence.

When she arrived, she hesitated for a while at the entrance. But in the end, she steeled herself and pressed the doorbell. Unexpectedly, it was Benedict that came to the door.

The moment she saw him, Vivian was stunned.

Although he had given her a sense of inexplicable familiarity and also saved her a few times from danger, she had always treated him as a good friend.

Now that she knew he was her brother, she didn’t know how to face him.

Subconsciously, tears welled up in her eyes. Vivian quickly lowered her head and tried to wipe them off discreetly.

“Vivian, it’s a surprise to see you here.” When he saw Vivian, Benedict somehow felt her sudden appearance was within his expectation. The frequency of meeting Vivian today was unusually high. Given the fact that he was investigating her, Benedict couldn’t help but probe Vivian.

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