Never Late, Never Away Chapter 468

“I…” Vivian was stumped as she was unable to recover her composure. Collecting herself, Vivian smiled faintly at Benedict, “I’m here to see Evelyn. Is she at home now?”

Having heard her reason for being there, Benedict assumed that she wanted to see Evelyn over the kidnapping. He felt bad over the incident as the perpetrator was his own sister.

“Vivian, I’m really sorry for what happened the last time. Evelyn had gone overboard. Can you forgive her just this once? I promise you that I’ll keep an eye on her and not let her harm you again.”

Although Benedict had his doubts about Evelyn’s identity, he had grown up together with her and didn’t want to see her get into any trouble.

When Vivian saw how quickly Benedict apologized on Evelyn’s behalf and the concern he had for her in his eyes, she couldn’t help but feel sad.

Despite appearing like an elegant gentleman, Vivian knew that Benedict was a proud man just like Finnick. After all, they had both grown up in an equally prominent family.

Therefore, for him to lower himself and apologize on behalf of Evelyn, Vivian knew that he cared a great deal for her.

Thinking back, she remembered that it was Benedict who saved her after she was kidnapped by Evelyn. Therefore, he knew full well whether she was violated.

However, given Finnick’s reaction, Vivian surmised that Benedict never explained the situation to him. Furthermore, given that so much had been happening lately, she had forgotten that Benedict could help her prove her innocence.

Perhaps, Benedict isn’t aware that Evelyn has conspired with the doctor to slander me. Also, he might not think that Finnick would have such a reaction, just like I didn’t. In that case, if Benedict is willing to clear the air with Finnick, the misunderstanding between Finnick and I will be resolved.

With a hopeful attitude, Vivian asked Benedict in a probing manner. “Benedict, are you aware that Evelyn had told Finnick that the four men had violated me?”

Realizing that Vivian had found out, Benedict felt even more guilty. “Vivian, she…”

This time, Benedict ran out of excuses to plead for mercy on Evelyn’s behalf. He could imagine the untold damage done toward Vivian and Finnick’s relationship.

“Vivian, can you just let the matter slide? I will punish Evelyn for what she has done.” Benedict sounded desperate.

He knows! Vivian couldn’t hide how shock she was.

Regaining her senses, Vivian smiled wryly to herself. It appears Benedict had chosen to cover up for Evelyn. Perhaps, it’s because Evelyn is family to him while I am just a nobody.

When she saw the guilty expression he had, Vivian had the sudden urge to reveal the truth to him. Will he stand up or me if he knows I’m his sister?

After giving it some thought, Vivian suppressed her urge to do so. This isn’t the time to reveal the truth to Benedict. I should prioritize Rachel’s matter instead.

“Don’t worry, I’m not here to cause Evelyn any trouble.” Vivian’s voice sounded melancholic. “I want to discuss something else with her.”

“I see.” Benedict was relieved. “Come right in. Evelyn is at home.”

Vivian felt a mix of emotions when she saw Benedict’s reaction. Is he worried that I’ll harm Evelyn?

After ushering Vivian to a seat at the sofa, Benedict instructed one of the maids, “Go get Evelyn. Tell her someone is here to see her.”

The maid headed upstairs to get her.

Taking a seat opposite Vivian, Benedict asked shyly, “How are you feeling? Have your wounds healed?”

“Mmm-hmm.” Vivian nodded, appreciating Benedict’s concern. “They have more or less healed.”

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