Never Late, Never Away Chapter 469

“That’s good.” Benedict looked relieved to hear that.

Just when he wanted to ask Vivian about Rachel’s leukemia, he decided against it when he figured Vivian likely had her reasons for not wanting to tell him.

Furthermore, she would be furious at him if she knew he had done an investigation on her.

Just when Benedict wanted to talk about something else, he heard Evelyn’s voice from upstairs, “Ben, who is here to see me?”

The moment she saw Vivian, Evelyn stopped in her tracks. The smile she had on her face turned into a smirk.

Hmph! Vivian, how dare you step into the Morrison residence to see me. It seems the lesson I taught you the last time wasn’t enough.

“Ben, it can’t be her, can it?” Evelyn asked as she sat down beside Benedict, ignoring Vivian’s presence. Since Benedict was aware of the animosity between them, there wasn’t any need to pretend.

Benedict was infuriated when he saw Evelyn’s attitude. She did not even greet Vivian. “How rude are you? Vivian has something to discuss with you.”

Squirming her lips without a care, Evelyn gave Vivian a look of disdain. “What do you want with me?”

“Evelyn!” Benedict couldn’t help but snap at Evelyn’s rude tone. Then, he turned to Vivian. “I’m sorry, Vivian. She is…”

“Ben, why are you apologizing to her? I didn’t do anything wrong!” Evelyn was upset by Benedict’s reaction.

Sensing Benedict’s anger, Vivian quickly intervened, “It’s nothing, Benedict. I don’t mind.”

Rolling her eyes, Evelyn tsked at Vivian before muttering, “What’s with the act?”

“Benedict, I would like to talk to your sister in private. Is it alright for you to give us some space?” Vivian asked Benedict while ignoring Evelyn’s stupid attitude.

To her, this was considered Evelyn’s usual behavior. In fact, if Evelyn were nice to her, she would suspect that she had a hidden agenda.

However, she did feel conflicted about the situation. After all, she was still a guest at the Morrison residence. To ask the host to leave didn’t seem appropriate.

Luckily, Benedict didn’t mind at all. “Sure. You ladies go ahead. I have something to attend to. anyway.”

Although he was very curious as to what Vivian wanted to discuss with Evelyn, he felt it was inappropriate to stay since Vivian had made clear she wanted it to be private.

Vivian smiled at Benedict apologetically who smiled back at her, indicating that it was alright.

After Benedict left, Evelyn no longer had any restraints. She looked at Vivian smugly, “Vivian, I heard that you’re pregnant?”

“How did you know?” Vivian was shocked as she had only told Finnick and Samuel about it. Even Rachel didn’t know. So, how did Vivian find out?

“Of course, I pay more attention to your affairs given how much I care about you.” Evelyn sneered as she glowered at Vivian. “Did you think that you did a good job keeping your secret?”

“You had me followed!” Vivian exclaimed in anger when she realized what was going on.

“So what if I did,” Evelyn replied without hesitation. “Vivian, you only have yourself to blame for being stupid to have only realized it now.”

“You!” Vivian was so angry she was lost for words.

“I really don’t understand what Finnick sees in you.” Evelyn continued her insults when she saw that Vivian was stumped despite attempting to counter her.

Suddenly, Evelyn burst into laughter. “However, it doesn’t matter anymore. I believe he will break up with you very soon.”

“What do you mean?” Vivian stared at Evelyn warily, wondering what else she was up to.

“Does Finnick believe the child is his?” Evelyn smirked as she lowered her gaze while fidgeting her nails.

Having a raw nerve struck, Vivian pointed at Evelyn angrily. “It was all because you conspired with the doctor to concoct a lie saying that I have been violated!”

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