Never Late, Never Away Chapter 47

Vivian was initially self-conscious when she heard Finnick’s reply. However, after hearing Fabian’s snark remarks, she furrowed her brows.

Fabian’s intent to ridicule and shame her was too obvious.

Although he had kept making such snide remarks about her ever since they met up again, she suddenly felt a burst of anger when he did that in front of Finnick.

“What do you mean by that, Fabian?” asked Vivian, who could no longer stand Fabian’s disparaging comments.

Fabian coldly smiled and rebuffed, “What’s wrong, Vivian? Have you finally realized your mistake?”

In all honesty, Vivian could not comprehend why she suddenly felt so exasperated.

Perhaps she just did not want Finnick to be misguided. She did not want him to presuppose that she was a money-loving gold digger.

“I just think that you should be responsible for the words you are uttering,” replied Vivian icily.

“Be responsible?” Fabian smirked and let out an icy laugh. At that moment, he no longer felt like concealing his true emotions. “Do you really think you could continue putting up your facade in front of my uncle? Let me say to you right now that I’ve shown all your unsightly photographs to my uncle. Do you still think that—”

“Enough!” Finnick abruptly raised his voice and cut off Fabian.

Vivian’s face immediately turned ghostly white.


Finnick has already seen those photos?

While Fabian felt sorry for Vivian upon seeing her face turn pale, he felt more satisfied.

“Did you really think that you can continue with your disgusting facade in front of my uncle?” he continued to ask with a cruel smile etched on his face. “Surely you must have told him you’re married—”

“Fabian, I said that’s enough,” warned Finnick again. It was then that Fabian’s expression changed slightly as he turned to stare at Finnick.

However, the latter’s eyes were trained on Vivian, whose face was blanched.

“Uncle Finnick, I—” Fabian tried to say something as he was dissatisfied. However, at that moment, Finnick abruptly pivoted around and cast a menacing gaze on Fabian which sent chills down the latter’s spine.

“Fabian Norton,” Finnick uttered slowly with a threatening tone, “Do not go overboard.”

The color drained from Fabian’s face. However, he refused to reveal the fear that rushed through his heart. “Uncle Finnick, we’re family. Vivian is just an outsider—”

“Fabian!” Finnick threateningly cut off Fabian again. “You’d better stop breaking my boundaries time and time again. In the Norton family, we are all enemies.”

Fabian was stunned at the direct manner Finnick spoke. He shuddered and broke out in cold sweat when he met Finnick’s sinister glare.

Father was right. Even when Uncle Finnick is bound to a wheelchair, he’s still someone not to be easily reckoned with.

Although Fabian was extremely dissatisfied with the overprotectiveness that Finnick showed for Vivian, he was powerless. He lowered his head and muttered, “Sorry for my rudeness.”

“Today’s interview is over,” stated Finnick indifferently. “Go home, Fabian. I will send Vivian home myself.”


The intimate way Finnick addressed her was like a sharp dagger that pierced Fabian’s heart.

He’s even going to send her home?

Isn’t he being too forward? Is he not worried that Vivian’s husband will see them together?

However, Fabian didn’t dare say anything more. He bit his lip, turned around and retreated from Finnick’s office.

A deadly silence filled up the office as Finnick and Vivian stood there.

“Vivian.” Fabian narrowed his brows and walked toward her, uttering softly, “Are you alright?”

Vivian snapped out of her trance and shifted her gaze toward Finnick. “Did you really see those photographs?”

She finally realized why Finnick was acting so weird yesterday. He had forced her to change her job and then kissed her all because of those photographs.

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