Never Late, Never Away Chapter 470

“That’s right.” Evelyn didn’t panic at all despite having her scheme exposed. “Furthermore, I told Finnick that when I saw you at the warehouse, all your clothes had been torn away and you looked as if you were raped. You should have seen how angry he was when I told him all that.”

“Evelyn, how could you!” Vivian could feel anger raging within her when she heard Evelyn’s revelation. “What are you trying to achieve!”

“I want Finnick to leave you, of course.” With a gaze full of hatred, Evelyn stood up and walked to Vivian’s side. “Vivian, I have warned you earlier on to leave Finnick. However, you refused to listen to me. So everything that has happened to you is your own doing. You shouldn’t blame me for it.”

Glaring at Evelyn, Vivian felt that she had gone off the rails. How can she feel no remorse after doing something so vicious?

“Do you think that Finnick will return to your side if I am not around?”

“Of course.” Evelyn looked at Vivian as if she was an idiot. “Vivian, haven’t you thought about why Finnick believed me instead of you?”

“Because he still loves me.” Before Vivian responded, Evelyn answered her own question. “Finnick didn’t divorce you because he doesn’t have an excuse to do so. But it no longer matters now as I have created one for him.”

Returning to her seat on the sofa, Evelyn sneered, “Vivian, do you think Finnick still wants to be together with you after what you have gone through?”

When Vivian saw Evelyn’s smug expression, she retorted angrily, “What about you? How do you think Finnick will see you once he finds out you have been scheming behind his back all this while?”

After living together with Finnick for so long, Vivian knew his character very well. If he knew that Evelyn had lied to him, he would definitely not let the matter slide.

“Hahaha…” Evelyn burst into laughter. “Vivian, are you threatening me? How sure are you that Finnick doesn’t know that I’m the one behind all this? Perhaps, he is aware of it all and may be thanking me for trying to get rid of you for him. Do you think Finnick will always be in love with that face of yours?”

Vivian couldn’t deny that Evelyn had brought her darkest fears out onto the surface. It was something that even she didn’t dare think about. Given how smart Finnick was, it was impossible for him not to have doubted Evelyn.

When she saw Vivian’s shaken expression, Evelyn knew that she had struck where it hurt most.

She knew that Vivian wasn’t confident in herself as she had grown up in a poor family. Sometimes, she hardly had to do much. All she needed was to point out the gulf between Vivian and Finnick. That way, Vivian would just back off.

“You are useless,” Evelyn muttered under her breath.

“Vivian, only someone of my status is worthy of Finnick. Only I can be of help to him in both his business and his life.” Evelyn gloated. “As for you, you are nothing other than a nanny’s daughter. What makes you think Finnick will stay by your side forever?”

Vivian gave Evelyn a strange look when she heard those words. In fact, her gaze was even filled with sympathy. If she knows her true identity, I wonder if she will still say the same thing.

Noticing the look that Vivian was giving her, Evelyn felt a sense of anxiety inexplicably growing from within. Raising her voice, she scowled at Vivian, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Taking a deep breath, Vivian tried her best to calm herself down. She knew that she wasn’t here for herself as her priority was saving Rachel.

“I’m not here to argue with you.” Vivian was trying desperately to suppress her anger.

“Nonsense!” Evelyn snorted. “Why else would you see me for? What do you really want?”

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