Never Late, Never Away Chapter 472

“I do want you to save my mother, but I wasn’t lying!” Vivian racked her brains as to how to get Evelyn to believe her.

Of course, the birthmark! Vivian recalled that it was precisely that which led the Morrisons to believe that the baby Rachel brought to them was theirs.

“Do you have a butterfly-shaped birthmark on your waist?” Vivian asked.

“I don’t suppose that this was something your mother told you as well,” Evelyn sounded markedly calmer as she spoke with arms akimbo. “Now, it’s about the birthmark, huh. Get to the point.”

“Look.” Vivian did not elaborate much as she lifted her own top to reveal the birthmark on her own hip.

“Why do you also have one?” Evelyn said in astonishment after she had a closer view of it.

“I had this from birth. The one you have was branded onto you by my mother. I think you ought to believe me now.”

Evelyn was stunned. Everything could have been fabricated, but this birthmark was something else.

It was pointed out to her on one occasion when she was being bathed by her mother as a little girl. “This is my baby’s lucky butterfly. I wouldn’t have been able to get you back without it.”

The sight of a similar birthmark on Vivian had her reconsidering the certainty in Vivian’s demeanor. Evelyn began to buy into the possibility that she might really not be a Morrison.

The very notion of that made her furious with Vivian. Her eyes burned as she regarded her counterpart.

As if it was not enough that Vivian stole the love of her life from her, she was now going to rob her of brother and her identity as the young lady of the house from her as well.

No way was she going to let her get away with this. She was a Morrison, not the daughter of some housemaid. Vivian must be lying to me She must be.

Evelyn masked the panic she felt inside and hollered at Vivian. “Do you think you’re going to fool me with that? Maybe the one you have on you is the fake.”

That outburst proved to be cathartic for her. Right, that had to be. Rachel had seen her birthmark. Who was to say she could not have Vivian somehow create something similar on herself.

This deceitful mother and daughter pair must be in it for the Morrison’s wealth. She was not going to let this detestable duo off easy.

Amidst her own mental contortions, Evelyn finally found a way to rationalize her self-delusion.

“Your birth mother is waiting for you to save her life, Evelyn. You can’t possibly ignore this!” Vivian shouted in exasperation upon seeing that Evelyn could not be persuaded.

“Ridiculous. My mother has already passed on.” Evelyn then hustled Vivian toward the door. “Shut up and leave before I have someone kick you out!”

“Listen to me, Evelyn. Your mother’s condition is dire, you have to…” Vivian put up a struggle as she was determined to have Evelyn brought to the hospital.

“Out! Get out!” Evelyn would have none of it. The ferocity of her bellows was matched by that of her adrenaline-fueled strength. It took only a few shoves before Vivian was out of the door.

“Please, Evelyn…”

The door slammed resoundingly shut in Vivian’s face and cut her off.

“Open up, Evelyn.” Vivian thumped upon the door. “Please hear me out. Your mother is really very sick. You can’t refuse to help.”

Vivian kept at the buzzer even when no one responded. She must bring Evelyn around somehow as that was the only way by which she could save Rachel.

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