Never Late, Never Away Chapter 473

“Come with me to get tested, Evelyn. Everything will be made clear once you see the results. Please come out…”

Evelyn was seated on her bed in her own room. The ceaseless buzzing, coupled with Vivian’s shrieking, irked her to no end.

Her mood was severe when she summoned the helper. “Get rid of the woman outside. If I still hear her later, you can start looking for a new job!”

“Yes, Miss,” The helper replied before she hurried downstairs.

“Open up, Evelyn. I want to talk to you.” Vivian was still shouting from the other side when the door suddenly swung open.

She tried to squeeze through but was blocked by the helper. “Stop this, Miss. It would be best if you just leave.”

“Please, Ma’am. You have to let me in. I’ve an important matter which I must discuss with Evelyn,” Vivian remonstrated.

“Miss has already stated that I would be fired if you continue to linger here. Please do not make things difficult for me. I beg of you. Leave, or I’ll have no choice but to call for security.”

The helper’s sorrowful expression put Vivian in a dilemma, as she did not want to cause someone else to lose her livelihood. She slowly backed away from the door before she reluctantly turned to leave.

Evelyn watched this from the windows. Her nails dug into her own palms as she glared.

Why must you always be in my way, Vivian? Now you even have the gall to say that I am not a Morrison? I’ll never let you off for this!

Deep down, Evelyn was already convinced of what Vivian told her. That was precisely what made her abhor Vivian even more. If not for her, this would forever be kept secret, and she would always be scion of the Morrisons.

She now understood why Rachel treated her so well since young. Even if she were to regard Rachel coldly, Rachel would not cower and fear approaching her as the rest of the helpers would. Conversely, she continued to treat her kindly in return.

That only made her dislike the woman more. Who did she think she was to behave so intimately towards her? Rachel William was nothing more than another helper to her. In Evelyn’s esteem, the only reason Rachel was treated well by the Morrison family was because she had once saved her. Evelyn thought Rachel should be grateful to her for that instead.

When Evelyn found out that Rachel was her biological mother, her dislike turned into hatred. She thought that since Rachel wanted a good life for her, she should have taken her secret to the grave. She was upset at Rachel for revealing it to Vivian.

Leukemia? Hmph! Evelyn recalled what Vivian said.

“No way am I going to save you. Better that you die, and the truth dies with you.” Evelyn gripped the corner of the curtain and swore under her breath with viciousness in her eyes. “And Vivian too. This time, I shall show her no mercy!”

No one knew what wicked scheme she hatched next as Evelyn’s lips curled into a smirk. She picked up her cell phone and dialed a number.

The call got through in no time at all. “I need you to take care of someone for me…”

After she left the Morrison residence, Vivian wandered on the streets, at a loss for where to go.

The only mother she knew had told her that they were not related by blood. Then, Benedict, a brother who she was not able to acknowledge as yet. Without sufficient evidence, she was afraid that even Benedict himself would not believe what she said. And Finnick too. With the tenuous state of their relationship at present, the future of their marriage was up in the air.

The thought of these wrenched at her heart. Tears fell uncontrollably from her eyes. She felt isolated, without anyone to lean on nor pour her heart out to.

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