Never Late, Never Away Chapter 476

When she heard the trembling in his inflection, it wrenched her own heart. Was he frightened by what she said? She realized then how much he did not want to part from her.

“Okay.” Vivian nodded as he held her in his arms. Her tears left a stain upon his shirt. Vivian felt the sense of bliss that she had been missing for a while.

“Today, I…” Vivian nudged and created some space with the intention of telling Finnick about her parentage, but the anguish on his face led her to pause.

“What is it?” he asked.

“It’s nothing.” She shook her head before she pulled him back in.

She expected that Finnick may not be able to accept that Evelyn had set her up at the moment, and it might be difficult to predict how he might take it.

It was hard enough for them to arrive at this point, so she did not want to get into another quarrel with him because of Evelyn. She supposed that this could wait.

Finnick did not press her on it either. He merely held her close and quietly basked in the tenderness that had eluded them for the longest time.

A few days had slipped by since.

Finnick and Vivian were able to get on amicably during this period. Even though he did not seem completely himself, he had not mentioned anything about aborting the baby, nor had they any further disagreements over that issue.

Vivian was moved by his steadfast acceptance. It also bolstered her resolve. She was committed to vindicating herself, as this was the only way Finnick would be able to fully accept and love this child.

This baby was what the both of them longed for, and deserved the best of everything. There was no way Vivian was going to let the child be born into this world deprived of fatherly love.

Vivian requested to go to the hospital to get examined this particular day. As she had not had her body checked since she was aware of her pregnancy, she was a little concerned for the baby’s condition.

To be honest, Finnick felt no small measure of discomfort when he heard that. As conflicted as he might be, he was not about to let Vivian go for the prenatal check-ups by herself.

Vivian was heartened to see Finnick willing to make arrangements and accompany her personally in spite of his own struggles.

“It’s done. The doctor will see us at two in the afternoon,” he said as he hung up. “We’ll head over to the hospital together after I get off work.”

“I can go by myself if you have something to attend to.” As much as she would like for his company, she was concerned about becoming a distraction, as he seemed to have his hands full at the company of late.

“That’s okay. I can make myself available in the afternoon.” He did not want to let her go alone. “You should rest up. I’m headed to the office.”

“Alright,” Vivian replied with a smile.

Finnick planted a kiss upon her forehead before he turned and left the house.

Vivian waited for the hours to pass at home. She was simultaneously anticipatory and a bundle of nerves as this would be her first time doing a prenatal. It was an arduous wait up till an hour past noon. Still, there was no sign of Finnick.

Just as she was about to ring him up to check in on him, his call reached her first.

“I’m so sorry, Vivian. There’s an emergency meeting that I must attend, so I may not be able to go to the appointment with you. Would you be alright by yourself?” Finnick said apologetically.

“You go ahead. I’ll be fine,” she replied.

“In that case, you be careful.”

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