Never Late, Never Away Chapter 480

Vivian felt a loud sound go off, as though something exploded off the top of her head.

Even a fool could guess as much what was going on.

But… this is impossible. Definitely impossible! It could not be Finnick. He would never subject her to a betrayal like this! She could not accept this as fact even if she heard it for herself.

The door to the bedroom was now within arm’s length. She lifted her foot and began her advance. She refused to believe that Finnick was in there. She had to ascertain it for herself.

“Ah… Finnick… Don’t…” The moment her hand came into contact with the doorknob, Evelyn’s moans began to thump against her eardrums once more.

Vivian’s body trembled uncontrollably when Evelyn cried out Finnick’s name. It made her lose all courage to enter.

The man’s gasping had her envisioning Finnick getting it on with Evelyn in their bed.

Her tear ducts finally let her down and left her vision clouded. Her heart bled, as though someone had carved it up with a knife. She felt the air sucked from her lungs.

He won’t! He surely won’t! How could Finnick had betrayed her with Evelyn, and in their bedroom, no less!

As much as Vivian did not want to believe it, hearing Finnick’s name being called by Evelyn, over and over, gnawed at her.

The fond memories of the time they spent together flashed across her mind. It was as though she could see the many faces of Finnick in the same instant.

Him being smiling and doting; Him kissing her lightly upon the forehead; Him in righteous anger; Him holding her hand to assuage her fears; Him teasing her till she was red to the ear…

All of these Finnicks suddenly became unrecognizable as they sneered and regarded her like a fool. She could almost hear them say, “What do you think you are, Vivian William? Did you believe I would stay by your side for life? Look yourself in the mirror and see if you compare to Evelyn. Why would I ever choose you over her?”

No! This cannot be!

The images conjured before Vivian had her so startled that she staggered and nearly fell over backwards. It was only when she steadied herself with the wall to her side that she realized it was only her own mind playing tricks on her.

Were the voices that she just heard an illusion too? A faint smile evoked upon Vivian’s face before the voices from inside the room shredded the last remnants of her hopes.

“Slow down, Finnick… Ah… I love you… be gentler with me…” Evelyn’s shameless moans left her completely crushed.

Vivian slid down against the wall until she sat slumped upon the floor. She could neither find the resolve to leave nor the courage to confront the truth which was beyond that door She could only sit there and let herself be tormented by Evelyn’s cries of ecstasy.

Finnick not only failed to accompany her to the prenatal. He had colluded with the doctor to forcibly abort the baby inside of her. Instead of handling things at the office like he said, he was in their home engaging in such unspeakable acts with Evelyn. The thought of these had Vivian on the verge of a mental breakdown.

Vivian bit down on her own hand so that she would not cry out loud. She still refused to believe that Finnick would be capable of doing this. This was not the Finnick that she remembered. The man she knew and loved would not have done this to her.

What if the man inside is not him? Only Evelyn’s voice was heard after so long, but what of Finnick’s? Perhaps it was someone else in there?

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