Never Late, Never Away Chapter 481

Without pausing to probe for flaws in her own logic, Vivian kept searching for reasons to convince herself that he was not the one in the room. In the end, she still could not find the strength to walk through the doors and verify things for herself.

Instead, she hastily pulled out her own phone and dialed Finnick’s number. I trust that you would not do this to me, Finnick. Please pick up… Please…

As she prayed silently, she heard the ringtone from Finnick’s phone rang out from inside the room. That instantly deadened her heart, for she had no doubt this must be his.

It was the one she had idly selected for him just a couple of days back. There was no mistake about it. Could the man in the room really be him?

She continued to shake her head in denial of her own assumptions, and only hoped that he would pick up and tell her that he was not at home. If he was able to do so, she would choose to believe him.

It would appear that the heavens had ignored Vivian’s pleas as Evelyn’s moans ignited anew.

“Ah, don’t pick up that ugly bitch’s call now. You’re spoiling the mood… Ah… Finnick, you devil…”

Vivian did not hear Finnick’s response. However, her call was rejected as soon as Evelyn stopped talking.

“We’re sorry; the number you are calling is out of reach. Please call again later…” Vivian’s hand fell limp as she sat where she was. She felt completely drained.

She understood intimately what utter despair meant. It proved in the end how silly she was to try to make excuses for Finnick just because she herself would not accept the truth of his betrayal.

Vivian’s tears flowed ceaselessly. Finnick you assh*le! To be so blind as to not be able to recognize the man beneath the facade until now, she had only herself to blame.

But why? She could not understand why he appeared so affectionate and did not agree to a divorce when she first broached the subject a few days back.

A lengthy period had elapsed between the time Evelyn emerged and now. If Finnick only told her that he was still infatuated with Evelyn, she would not have persisted with this marriage in the mistaken belief that he was in love with herself.

If I no longer held a place in his heart, why would he not just tell me straight? Why wait until today and let me find out this way? Why?

These are the questions that kept circulating inside her head and threatened to drive her insane.

She thought that she knew him long enough to understand him. It was only this day that she found out she had no idea what was on his mind. She could not understand why he would not divorce her.

Is it for his public image? Vivian knew Finnick had been kept busy as the company was dealing with a major crisis recently. Could news of his divorce from me possibly tarnish his image and potentially compound the company’s woes?

The thought of that had her lips curled into a bitter smile. That was the only explanation she was able to come up with. So Finnick declined to divorce not because he loved her, but because he was afraid of how it might affect Finnor Group.

Is that why he changed his mind about the baby? Is that why he was so afraid that he asked me not to suggest divorcing ever again? Is he actually waiting for Finnor Group to leave its troubles behind before he kicked me to the curb?

That must be it.

Vivian was filled with agony as she struggled to reconcile with these facts. From the moment that she met him, he became the beacon of hope and happiness in her otherwise bleak existence.

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