Never Late, Never Away Chapter 483

Hmph. She swore to toss out every single thing related to Vivian from the villa the day she got together with Finnick.

Evelyn settled her own emotions before she made her way back downstairs.

Mrs. Filder approached the moment she saw Evelyn. “I’ve done exactly as you’ve asked, Ms. Morrison. Please do not forget what you’ve promised me.”

Evelyn looked askance at her. “Relax, I won’t.”

That’s the problem with these people. Just a simple request and all of them expect some kind of reward.Given as lowly as they are, they should feel honored that they were even called upon.

“You have to find a way to get me abroad, Ms. Morrison. I’m afraid to stay on as I don’t know if and when Mr. Norton will find out.”

Mrs. Filder was a nervous wreck. Mr. Norton has always been sharp. I don’t think he could be deceived so easily.

She was reluctant to even consider getting involved if not for the generous terms Evelyn was willing to offer, as she had been around Finnick long enough to know what he was capable of.

“Yeah, yeah,” Evelyn replied in mild annoyance. “One more thing. Stop saying such things. If neither of us breathed a word about it, how is he to ever find out? I’m warning you, should we be discovered, you’ll be dealing with me first.”

“Understood, Ms. Morrison. My lips are sealed.” Evelyn’s threat had the other woman on edge.

Evelyn then waved her away. “I’ll get you what you deserve as soon as possible. You may excuse yourself now.”

“Yes, of course,” The jittery Mrs. Filder responded with caution before she took her leave.

Just then, the phone in Evelyn’s hand rang.

“Come back here.” Evelyn recalled the housemaid. She dared not pick up. As this was Finnick’s phone, she might give things away if she did. “Answer it.”

Mrs. Filder appeared apprehensive as well when she turned to see the phone Evelyn extended toward her. She had butterflies in her stomach, unsure as to how she should respond if the call came from Finnick himself.

“Well, get on with it!” Evelyn shoved the phone directly into the woman’s hands when she saw that she was not responsive. “And watch what you say,” she cautioned.

Mrs. Filder swallowed hard before she swiped the call through.

“Hello, may I know…” she asked cautiously.

“It’s me, Mrs. Filder.” It was Finnick’s voice on the other end. “Did I leave my phone at home?”

“Yes, Mr. Norton, you did.” She tried to steady her own voice. “Would you like for me to send it over to you?”

“Yes, sorry to trouble you.”

“It’s no problem,” Mrs. Filder replied.

“Okay.” Finnick ended the call with that. Mrs. Filder ran a hand over to wipe the cold sweat from her forehead.

Evelyn gave Mrs. Filder a look of approval when she took the phone back. She went on to erase all traces of the calls from Vivian.

Once this was done, she passed the phone back. “Run along and get this to Finnick before he gets suspicious. Remember to keep your cool around him,” she said.

“Okay.” Mrs. Filder nodded. With phone in hand, she put on her shoes and scurried out of the house.

All alone with the villa to herself, Evelyn surveyed the interiors.

“Such poor taste,” she said as she twitched her lips in disapproval. She started to think about how she would refurbish the place to her own liking when she moved in.

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