Never Late, Never Away Chapter 484

A thought came to Evelyn’s mind as she studied the interior of the villa. She quickly dug through in her bag on the sofa for her phone. She made a call after she found it, shortly after the receiver picked up the call.

“I’ve already done as you’ve asked me to. Why didn’t you let my parents go?” Noah asked through gritted teeth from the other end of the phone.

Evelyn frowned and countered, “How dare you asked me that! You’re the one begging me right now. You do remember I hold your parents’ lives in my hand, so don’t piss me off!”

Noah clenched his fist in anger at Evelyn’s cruel remark. Despite his anger, he couldn’t refute her because his parents’ lives were in Evelyn’s hands, so he could only do as she says.

Noah kept his boiling anger in check and forced out a calm reply. “When will you let them go then?”

“Now, this is the correct attitude.” Evelyn grinned, “Don’t be hasty. After you promised to help me with another matter, then I’ll let them go.”

“Evelyn Morrison, you’ve gone too far!” Noah’s anger stirred up again when Evelyn didn’t keep her promise and threatened him to help her with something else again.

“We have already agreed that you’ll let my parents go once I brought Mrs. Norton to the hospital and lied to her that Mr. Norton was the one who wanted her to abort the child. I’ve already done as you’ve said, so what games are you playing now?”

“What you’re yelling for?” Evelyn raised her tone as she spoke, “That reminds me, why does Vivian still have her baby? What have you been doing?”

“Mrs. Norton had already misunderstood Mr. Norton, so why couldn’t you just let the baby live?” begged Noah.

Evelyn’s face turned dark with sinister. “I don’t care about all that. I want the dirty thing gone.”

“Evelyn Morrison, that dirty thing you’re referring to has a life. You will receive retribution for this! I won’t ever help you with such an evil deed!” Noah cursed, knowing Evelyn wouldn’t let the baby live.

“Really?” Evelyn leisurely sat on the sofa, unaffected by his curse, and sneered, “I’m not sure about receiving retribution. But I do know, if you don’t do as I asked, your parents will lose their lives.”

“You!” Noah was rendered speechless. She held his weakness in her hands, so he didn’t have any choice but to obey her to ensure his parents’ safety.

“Let’s stop this nonsense. I’ll give you three days. If Vivian still has her baby after three days, say goodbye to your parents.”

Evelyn gave Noah an ultimatum, not wanting to discuss further.

Noah turned frantic at Evelyn’s threat. “Evelyn, what are you going to do to my parents? I’m warning you not to do anything rash! If anything happens to them, I won’t ever forgive you! I will hunt you down till I exact my revenge!”

Compared to Noah’s agitation, Evelyn casually said, “Relax, they’re fine for now. They have food and drink. But…” She said in a chilling tone with venom dripping in her every word, “If you delay any further, I can’t guarantee anything.

“Alright.” Noah agreed helplessly. “But you have to ensure my parents’ safety.”

“That’s not an issue.” Evelyn smiled, “I’ll let your parents go once that baby is gone.”

“You’d better keep your promise!” Noah ended the call right after.

He stared sightlessly at his phone and thought about what he promised to do. He muttered with guilt, “Mr. and Mrs. Norton, I’m sorry, but I can’t let anything happen to my parents.”

Evelyn didn’t mind Noah’s rudeness as long as he agreed to her condition. His parents were still in her hand, so she wasn’t worried about him playing games with her.

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