Never Late, Never Away Chapter 485

“Vivian William, let’s see who will save you this time.” Evelyn scoffed with eyes full of jealous rage.

She stood and left after a while. At that point, it was a crucial moment. All her planning would be futile if Finnick suddenly returned and saw her here.

While changing her shoes at the entrance, she clenched her fist in hatred at the sight of Vivian’s and Finnick’s shoes placed together neatly on the shoe rack.

She swore that she would wipe away all traces left by Vivian from every corner of this house.

She swung her gaze away from the shoe rack and opened the door. There stood a person she never expected to see here.

“Ben, what…what’re you doing here?” stammered Evelyn. Her face turned guilty from the unexpected appearance of Benedict.

“That is what I should be asking you.” Benedict trained his sharp gaze on Evelyn. “What are you doing at Vivian’s and Finnick’s house?

“I…I…” Evelyn’s eyes darted everywhere but Benedict’s face. She couldn’t find a valid excuse for her being there.

Despite not knowing the reason for her being there at the very least, he knew she was up to no good seeing the guilty look on her face.

“Haven’t you done enough to Vivian? What else are you planning to do to her?” Benedict interrogated fiercely.

Evelyn trembled at Benedict’s sudden raised tone and replied unhappily, “Ben, you have scared me. Why are you acting all mean?”

Benedict pointed furiously at Evelyn. “Tell me now! What are you planning to do? I’m warning you now if you dare to harm Vivian again, I’ll be the first to punish you for it!”

“Ben!” Evelyn had never been treated by Benedict this way. He’d always spoiled her since young. Anger rushed through her as she was scolded and being pointed at by him.

“How could you talk to me this way? Why do you always protect Vivian? She’s an outsider, and I’m your sister. I can’t believe you’re mean to me because of her!”

Benedict laughed at Evelyn’s words. However, there was no joy in his eyes, and his laugh was so cold that it gave her chills.

Evelyn took a step back from Benedict’s chilling laughter. Her arrogant attitude from before was replaced with fear. “Ben… you… What are you laughing at?”

“Really?” Benedict stared deadly at Evelyn.

“What?” Benedict’s words came out of nowhere, so Evelyn didn’t know what he meant.

However, his next few words turned Evelyn’s face pale.

“Are you really my sister?”

Benedict had just gotten the investigation report from the private investigator that morning. It was as he had speculated. Evelyn Morrison was not his sister.

Benedict thought back on the happenings from that morning.

“Mr. Morrison, I’ve finished the investigation you asked of me. I’ve discovered that Ms. Rachel had just given birth when she found Ms. Evelyn. Her daughter was only a few days older than the latter. To ensure her daughter of a good life, she sent her own daughter to the Morrison family, but kept the child of the Morrison family by her side.”

“Are you sure of this?” Benedict couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Yes.” The private investigator who stood in front of him nodded. “Your DNA test with Ms. Evelyn proved that she had no blood ties to you.”

A few days ago, Benedict had snuck into Evelyn’s room to collect a few of her fallen hairs. He then passed them and his hair to the private detective for DNA testing. He just wanted to be sure of his relationship with Evelyn. He felt guilty towards Evelyn at that time, but he didn’t expect the result to turn out like that.

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