Never Late, Never Away Chapter 486

“Also.” The private investigator continued, “To ensure the results were accurate, I snuck into Ms. Rachel’s hospital room to swipe a few of her hairs and sent those to the lab as well. The result showed that Ms. Rachel and Ms. Evelyn had 99.9% match of being mother-and-daughter.”

Benedict was stunned by the result. He finally understood the reason Vivian came to speak with Evelyn privately. The former must have known about the truth as well.

So the reason she came to the Morrison residence that day was to tell Evelyn about it. However, he didn’t hear anything from Evelyn about it.

“Alright, I understood. You may leave now. I’ll contact you if there’s anything else,” said Benedict.

“Sure.” The private investigator turned and left.

Benedict kept thinking about it even after the private investigator had left. He could understand Evelyn not telling him the truth, but why didn’t Vivian? Benedict couldn’t understand Vivian’s reason. But there was another matter which worries him.

Even when Vivian wasn’t in Evelyn’s way, the latter could orchestra the kidnapping and assault of Vivian. Now that she knew Vivian had threatened her position of being part of the Morrison family, who knew what she would do to Vivian.

Benedict had watched Evelyn grew up. Even though he spoiled her but he knew her better than anyone else. She definitely won’t just let Vivian go easily.

On that thought, he immediately gave Evelyn a call. Previously, he didn’t know Vivian was his sister, so he helped Evelyn hid her involvement in Vivian’s kidnapping. Once he knew about it, he wouldn’t allow Evelyn to harm Vivian anymore.

However, Evelyn didn’t pick up her phone. Benedict was anxious that Evelyn had implemented her plan to harm Vivian.

At that moment, he remembered the tracking device he planted on Evelyn’s phone to locate her whereabouts so that he could stop her from causing another incident like the kidnapping. When he planted the tracking device, he didn’t expect to have to use it so quickly.

Benedict urgently launched the tracking application on his phone and located Evelyn’s whereabouts. As he expected, Evelyn was around Finnick’s house.

Worried that Vivian would be harmed, Benedict drove like a madman to Finnick’s and Vivian’s house.

Just as he reached the entrance, he saw Evelyn leaving. It seemed that both Finnick and Vivian were not at home, so what was Evelyn doing there?

“Ben, what are you saying?” Evelyn felt a sense of guilt as she never thought that Benedict would be suspicious of her identity. Despite not having done any DNA testing, she was sure that she was not Benedict’s sister.

But how did Benedict know about it? Evelyn was really curiously. She suspected that Vivian went behind her back and told Benedict. Evelyn hated Vivian even more as her thoughts went wild.

Evelyn tried to mask her expression so as not to let Benedict know about her plan. She tugged on Benedict’s arm and said, “Don’t listen to the nonsense Vivian sprouted. Everything she said was to instigate a fight between us. How in the world am I not your sister?”

As he heard Evelyn mentioning Vivian, Benedict was certain that Evelyn had known about it beforehand.

“You knew that you’re not my sister?” asked Benedict.

Evelyn’s heart raced, her eyes started to dart about, avoiding eye contact with him. Despite being nervous, she forced calmness into her tone. “Ben, how could you suspect me? I grew up with you, so how could I not be your sister?”

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