Never Late, Never Away Chapter 487

Benedict noticed her guilty tells, so he knew that she was lying.

“Evelyn, you said so yourself that you grew up under my watch, so do you think that I wouldn’t know when you’re lying to me. Even though you’re a good liar, I can still see through them. Never mind that, tell me what you’re doing here?”

“I…” Evelyn wanted to explain, but she saw someone in the corner of her eyes, and a flash of panic showed on her face. She thought about what bad timing that she returned at that moment.

Curious about Evelyn’s change, Benedict followed her line of sight and saw a middle-aged woman standing hesitantly not far away. She was apprehensive about approaching them.

Benedict recognized that it was Mrs. Filder. Why would she hesitate to enter the house? Also, why is Evelyn nervous about her showing up? His instinct told him that there was something fishy about the both of them. And so he approached Mrs. Filder.

“Ben, listen to me…” Evelyn wanted to stop Benedict, but he pushed her away.

Seeing her reaction, he was certain of his suspicion. Evelyn had definitely bribed Mrs. Filder to harm Vivian!

Mrs. Filder felt her legs trembling as she saw Benedict walking towards her. She didn’t know who he was. Would he tell Mr. Norton about what she and Evelyn had done?

“What have you and Evelyn done? If you remain silent, I’ll tell Finnick immediately!” Benedict interrogated.

Fear filled Mrs. Filder as she realized Benedict was about to reveal the truth to Finnick. “Mister, I don’t have anything to do with it! Ms. Morrison was the one who had instructed me to do everything. Please don’t tell Mr. Norton about it.”

Anger poured through Benedict once he knew that Evelyn had done something evil. “Tell me! What have you done!”

Unable to withstand Benedict’s interrogation, Mrs. Filder revealed everything that Evelyn had done.

Benedict turned to look at Evelyn with a look of disbelief after hearing everything from Mrs. Filder. This person was the sister that he had protected all his life. Unable to believe that she didn’t learn her lesson from the previous incident but had gotten worse.

Evelyn guiltily hung her head, avoiding eye contact with Benedict. “Ben, you can’t blame me for this entirely. Vivian, she…”

“Shut up!” Benedict cut Evelyn off with a yell. “I don’t have a sister like you. I’ve already run a DNA test, and it showed that you’re not my sister!”

“What?” Evelyn stared at Benedict in shock. She never thought that he would suspect her identity, so for him to have done a DNA test behind her back was a shocking revelation to her.

Benedict felt immense heartache and disappointment looking at Evelyn. “Initially, I thought it’s fine even if we had no blood relation since we were siblings for years. But now I’ve realized that I’m wrong. An evil woman like you doesn’t deserve to be my sister. You don’t deserve to be a part of the Morrison family!”

Benedict turned and left. As he was deeply disappointed by Evelyn, he didn’t want to look at her anymore. It pained him to see the person he treated with love for so many years grew up to be so evil.

Evelyn didn’t chase after Benedict as he left. She was rooted in place after being stunned by Benedict’s words.

Ben doesn’t want me anymore? That’s impossible! This couldn’t happen! Ben spoiled me the most since I was young, so how could he not want me anymore? No way! This can’t be!

As she shook her head in disbelief, tears welled up in her eyes and fell along her face. She was about to chase Vivian away from Finnick’s side permanently. But how did things turned out like this? How did she lose her dear brother, Ben?

More importantly, without her status of being a part of the Morrison family, how was she going to live? Was she supposed to dress and eat like those poor people? No! I don’t want that kind of life!

Vivian William! Evelyn gritted her teeth in anger! This was all because of you! It’s your fault! I will never forgive you!

After Benedict left the Norton family villa, he called Vivian urgently, afraid that something would happen to her. But Vivian’s phone was turned off.

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