Never Late, Never Away Chapter 49

Scowling, Vivian stopped bugging him.

After that episode, Vivian’s mood lightened up and she fell asleep leaning on the car window.

Upon seeing that, Noah spoke softly from the front seat, “Mr. Norton, I have concluded my investigations on that incident from two years ago.”

Finnick turned around, his face cold and emotionless. “Have you found him?”


“Where is he now?”

“He has been arrested as per your request. Mr. Norton, what do you want us to do with him? Shall I get my men to teach him a lesson?” Noah replied.

“Teach him a lesson?” Finnick pursed his lips. “That’s way too light of a punishment. I will deal with him personally after sending Vivian back.”

“Yes sir,” Noah said.

Vivian woke up as just as they arrived at the Norton residence. “Vivian, I have some matters to deal with at the moment. You should rest.”

She was a little taken aback but nodded. “Alright then. Come back early, okay?”

After sending off Finnick, Vivian could not help but wonder what he was going off to do that late.

Finnick isn’t seeing some other woman, is he? I mean he’s a good kisser and good in bed too. He must be with many women. Vivian felt somewhat bitter about it.

At the same time, she was shocked at her own inner turmoil. Why am I so bothered now? Why should I care if Finnick is dating someone else?

Vivian’s heart throbbed. She realized that something had changed within her.

Meanwhile, in the suburbs of the west district.

In an abandoned factory, an old man was tied to a chair. He seemed to have been tortured till he passed out. As the gates of the warehouse opened, he struggled to raise his head.

The old man was momentarily stunned when he saw the wheelchair that moved toward him. When he came to his senses, he pleaded desperately, “Mr. Norton! It’s Mr. Norton, isn’t it? I have no idea what I’ve done to deserve this! Please spare me!”

All Finnick felt was anger as he studied the wrinkly, dirty old man before him.

Damn it! How dare such a dirty old man lay a finger on Vivian! He cursed in his head.

Finnick could feel his blood pressure rise as he thought about how Vivian got assaulted by the old man. He went even closer, then grabbed the old man by his neck, choking him.

“Tell me,” Finnick snarled, his voice cold as ice. “Did you assault a girl two years ago at the Century Hotel?”

Two years ago? Century Hotel? The old man trembled with fear as he recalled the past.

He shivered violently as the incident in question came to mind. “Mr. Norton, y-you are very much mistaken! Two years ago, I-I did not get my way with her in the end! I wasn’t able to do a thing!”

Wasn’t able to do a thing? Finnick slowly relaxed his grip around the old man’s neck. “What do you mean?”

The old man felt as if he were about to pee his pants. He hurriedly confessed everything about the incident from two years ago.

“T-Two years ago, there was a middleman who did this kind of business. I was told that they found me a virgin girl, b-but before I could do anything, I was dragged out of the hotel room by some masked men!” he explained.

“Masked men?” Finnick narrowed his eyes.

“Yes, yes! I don’t know who they were either. All I know is that they needed a woman urgently. They probably worked for some important figure, so I didn’t want to provoke them.”

Finnick clenched his fists, and stared coldly at the old man. “Are you sure?”

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