Never Late, Never Away Chapter 491

Benedict’s vow to protect her had warmed Vivian’s heart in a way that she had never felt before.

But strangely, even though she felt ecstatic and comforted, she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing and drenching his shirt quickly.

Benedict just silently held her in his arms, letting her vent all of her positive and negative emotions in one go.

Cry all you want. You’ve suffered so much throughout all these years. It must have been hard on you. Let it all out and bid farewell to your past. I will give you a brand new life from now on. I will never let you feel any pain nor sorrow anymore.

After Vivian had cried herself to the point of exhaustion, Benedict picked her up and carried her in his arms as they exited the hospital.

“Ben, I’m fine. I can walk by myself.” Embarrassed, Vivian tried to break free from his grip, but he refused to let go.

“You’re injured. Besides, I’m not some stranger, I’m your brother. It’s okay.”

Vivian glanced down at her bloodied feet and relented, dazedly letting him carry her. A faint but sincere smile appeared on her face unconsciously.

When they got to the main entrance of the hospital, Vivian spotted Noah standing in the distance and reflexively grabbed onto Benedict’s arm out of fear.

Noticing her reaction, Benedict followed her gaze to see Noah. He had an assumption as to why she reacted that way. “Was it Finnick’s idea to abort the baby?” he asked coldly.

Tears pricking at her eyes, there was a long pause before Vivian finally admitted with much difficulty, “He thinks that the child isn’t his.”

Benedict’s jaw clenched, his anger displayed clearly on his face. Although he was aware that it was Evelyn who had lied to Finnick about Vivian, he never thought that Finnick would force Vivian to get an abortion in such an inhumane way.

Someone like him doesn’t deserve Vivian!

“Do you want to get a divorce?” Benedict glanced down at Vivian inquisitively.

After a beat of shocked silence, Vivian nodded. “Yes.”

Upon hearing that, Benedict adjusted Vivian’s weight in his arms before striding over to Noah. Even though she had no idea what Benedict’s intentions were, she trusted him completely.

Noah was standing at the main entrance of the hospital, his head hung in shame and remorse. He hated himself more and more with every passing second that he imagined what Vivian must be going through inside the hospital. He couldn’t even bear to face the building, his back turned to the hospital entrance as he was mentally beating himself up.


Noah turned around at the call of his name, his eyes widening when he saw Benedict walking towards him, carrying Vivian. Taken aback, Noah stumbled backward. “M- Mr. Morrison.”

Benedict’s stare was icy cold as he brushed Noah’s reaction aside. “Go back and tell Finnick that the divorce papers will be reaching him shortly.”

With that, Benedict turned around and headed for his car with Vivian in his arms.

Elsewhere, Finnick was currently stuck at a board meeting at the Norton Corporation.

He didn’t know what had gotten into his brother. Earlier, Mark had sent his assistant over to inform Finnick that the Norton Corporation had some important issues to resolve, and that Mark would be holding an emergency meeting that required Finnick’s presence.

Mark’s assistant had appeared extremely nervous and distraught, so Finnick followed him to the Norton Corporation without a second thought.

But it had been nearly two hours since the meeting started, and Finnick had yet to hear anyone discuss anything substantial, let alone mention any important issues that needed resolving.

Finnick, fed up with listening to Mark droning on about nonsense, got up to leave the meeting. He had a lot of work to get done, and he was not going to let Mark waste his time any further.

“Where do you think you’re going, Finnick? The meeting isn’t over yet,” Mark called out to him.

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