Never Late, Never Away Chapter 492

Finnick’s eyes narrowed in annoyance as he turned to look back at Mark. “I don’t think this meeting is of any importance.”

“How could you say that?” Mark slammed a hand onto the table. “This meeting is to discuss the direction in which the Norton Corporation should be expanding. This is key to whether or not the company can advance higher and further, and you’re saying this isn’t important?”

The lower-ranking directors flocked to agree with Mark.

“That’s right! How can you manage Norton Corporation with that attitude?”

“I knew that we shouldn’t have let him off the hook so easily last time. We should revoke his shares in the company.”

“Obviously, he doesn’t care for us if he’s just coming and going whenever he likes.”

Not wanting to make a mountain out of a molehill, Finnick begrudgingly sat back down and resumed the meeting.

What had happened in the past had not left a very good impression on the company’s board of directors. If he continued to let their bad impression grow, there was a high chance that he might lose his job at the Norton Corporation.

Seeing this, self-satisfaction flashed through the depths of Mark’s eyes as he let out an internal sigh of relief.

Evelyn had called him earlier, instructing him to hold Finnick up around noon today. Although he didn’t know what Evelyn had up her sleeve, she promised that as long as he followed her orders, she would find a way to make Finnick transfer his shares in the company to Mark.

Having worked with Evelyn on several other occasions, Mark had no doubt that Evelyn could achieve whatever she set her mind to. So, he agreed.

Mark dilly-dallied for about two more hours before finally ending the meeting.

Finnick was the first to leave the meeting room, causing the directors to chatter in displeasure yet again. But he didn’t care for them. His patience had already been worn thin, and he couldn’t stand having to sit in there for a second longer. Let them think whatever they want to think.

He drove all the way back to the Finnor Group building, about to call Vivian and ask her how her check-up had gone. He still refused to accept the child as his, but that didn’t mean that he was going to disregard Vivian’s health and wellbeing entirely.

Touching his pockets, he realized that his phone was not on him.

He ended up using his secretary’s phone to call his own, and learned from Mrs. Filder, who had answered the call, that he had left his handphone at home.

After instructing Mrs. Filder to send his handphone to the company building, Finnick proceeded to call Vivian, but no one picked up. Slightly concerned, he dialed her number again and again to no avail.

Right as Finnick was panicking and about to leave for the hospital to personally check on Vivian, his secretary entered the office, holding something in her arms.

“Mr. Norton, these are the documents that Mr. Morrison sent to you.” The secretary handed the package to him over the desk.

Benedict? Finnick was perplexed. What could Benedict send him?

He only grew even more confused upon opening the package and reading the contents of the papers inside. The large, bolded words “Divorce Agreement” were printed as clear as day at the top of the document.

And at the bottom, someone named “Vivian Morrison” had signed the agreement.

“Vivian Morrison?” Finnick muttered to himself.

Who is this? Why did Benedict randomly send me a divorce agreement? Who would I be able to divorce other than Vivian?

Something wasn’t right here. Vivian Morrison… Vivian… Vivian! Was this a divorce agreement between himself and his Vivian? What’s going on?

Finnick tried calling Vivian again to ask her if she knew anything about the divorce agreement, but her phone was switched off.

Eyebrows furrowed in irritation, he threw his phone to one side. What is going on with Vivian? Why did she refuse to accept my calls and turn her phone off? What is this divorce agreement all about?

A lightbulb lit up in his mind, and Finnick picked up his phone once more to call Benedict. The documents had been sent by him, so he had to have some idea of what this was all about.

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