Never Late, Never Away Chapter 493

Benedict answered the phone quickly. Before Finnick could speak, Benedict asked, “Has it been signed?”

“What’s that supposed to mean? What’s going on? Who is Vivian Morrison?” Finnick was confused by Benedict’s question, causing him to have doubts.

Benedict laughed at Finnick’s questions. Finnick was still the same as before, a man who was not willing to take responsibility for his actions.

“Stop pretending. I’m telling you now, Vivian doesn’t want to be with you anymore. Send me the divorce papers once you’ve signed it.”

“Why would Vivian want to file for divorce?” Finnick felt utterly confused and said, “Is Vivian there with you now? Hand her the phone. I want to speak to her.”

“You don’t deserve to speak to her!” Benedict roared angrily into the phone. He would never allow the scumbag to hurt his sister ever again.

Since Benedict did not deny it, Finnick knew then that he was with Vivian. He had not been able to contact Vivian. And one day, out of the blue, he was served with the so-called divorce papers. Moreover, the things that Benedict said to him aggravated him.

“What exactly do you mean by that, Benedict? Hand her the phone now. I want to ask her myself.”

“Everyone knows what you did, Finnick. So drop the act. You don’t deserve to be with Vivian after what you did to her. You’d better sign the divorce agreement quickly.” Since Finnick still refused to admit to his wrongdoing, Benedict detested his behavior.

“Stop f*cking playing riddles with me. This is a matter between Vivian and me, you have no right to be involved. Hand over the phone to her now!” Finnick couldn’t help but curse when he did not understand what Benedict was talking about.

“What do you mean I have no right?” Benedict snorted. “I am Vivian’s older brother. That means I have every right to be involved. It’s Vivian’s intention to divorce you. So sign the papers quickly and send them to me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he hung up. He did not wish to speak to such an irresponsible person anymore. Had they not been talking on the phone, Benedict would have beaten Finnick into a pulp when he thought of what he did to Vivian.

But now was not the time to punish Finnick. More importantly, he had to help Vivian get out of the situation.

Based on Finnick’s influential position, Benedict knew that he wouldn’t be able to stop Finnick if the latter were to prevent Vivian from leaving. Hence, he wanted to take the opportunity and quickly take Vivian out of the country before Finnick could take any action.

“What do you mean by you’re Vivian’s older brother? What exactly do you mean, Benedict? Tell me now!” Finnick was even more confused when Benedict declared himself as Vivian’s older brother.

Upon hearing the dead silence on the other side of the phone, Finnick lowered the phone from his ear to his eyes. It was only then he realized that Benedict had hung up.

He was breathing heavily and seething with anger as he paced back and forth. Finally, he walked over to his working desk and angrily overturned the desk. There was a loud bang when the desk hit the ground, and all of the documents and displays were scattered all over the place.

Trying his best to calm the fury in his heart, Finnick thought back to what Benedict had just said to him. He said that he was Vivian William’s older brother. And the fact that the signature on the divorce agreement belonged to Vivian Morrison puzzled Finnick even more. What on earth was going on?

At that moment, Finnick was at a loss, and he had no idea what had happened. Within the afternoon itself, he felt that his world had turned upside down.

Finnick picked up the phone and called Noah, and ordered him to investigate this matter.

At that time, Noah was with Evelyn.

“What? My brother saved Vivian again?” After hearing what Noah had told her, Evelyn felt like she was about to go crazy. Could this be fate? Because Vivian was indeed Benedict’s biological sister, therefore it was fated for Benedict to come to Vivian’s rescue every single time.

Evelyn dug her nails into her palms, and a ferocious look crept upon her face. Vivian William, why are you always so lucky?

“I’ve done whatever you’ve asked me to do. I did not expect Mrs. Norton to be saved. Can you let my parents go now?” Noah said anxiously. For the last few days, Evelyn had kidnapped his parents. Therefore, he was worried about their safety.

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