Never Late, Never Away Chapter 494

“Did as I told you?” Evelyn laughed in anger, and then she shouted to Noah in a shrill voice, “Nothing went as planned in whatever I asked you to do. Don’t you even think of asking me to release your parents!”

“Evelyn, you…” Noah was furious, and just when he was about to argue with her, he heard his phone rang. He took out his phone and saw that it was an incoming call from Finnick.

When he was hesitating to answer the call, Evelyn grabbed the phone from him. Seeing that it was a call from Finnick, Evelyn handed back the phone to Noah and said, “Answer it. Put it on speaker mode.”

“What are you up to, Evelyn?” Noah had a bad feeling about this.

“Answer the call. Do you want your parents to die?” Evelyn threatened Noah.

He glared at Evelyn in rage, he had no choice but to answer the phone.

As soon as Noah answered the call, Finnick said anxiously, “Noah, I don’t care what you are doing now. Drop everything right now and help me to investigate Vivian’s whereabouts. Also, find out what’s the relationship between Vivian and Benedict.”

Having heard that, Evelyn fell into deep thought, then she motioned Noah to hang up.

“Yes, Mr. Norton. I’ll get on it right away.” Noah hung up and turned to look at Evelyn.

After thinking it through, Evelyn came up with an idea. She turned to Noah and said, “You will report to Finnick with what I want you to say to him. Otherwise, your parents will pay for it with their lives.”

He had no choice but to obey Evelyn.

Soon, Noah returned to Finnick’s office.

“Did you manage to find anything?” Finnick quickly stood up and asked when Noah entered his office.

“Yes.” Noah nodded, then he lowered his head and answered Finnick. “The real Evelyn Morrison was kidnapped at birth, she was then picked up by Rachel.”

“Rachel wanted her own daughter to have a good life, so she sent her own daughter to the Morrison family. And she kept the real daughter of the Morrison family by her side. Therefore, Mrs. Norton is the real daughter of the Morrison family, and Evelyn is Rachel’s biological daughter.”

In fact, Noah was shocked when Evelyn told him that. He had never thought such a thing could happen.

After hearing what Noah had to say, Finnick finally understood what Benedict meant. But what about the divorce agreement? I have to get answers directly from Vivian myself.

Finnick turned and asked Noah, “Did you find out where Vivian is?”

“Yes. Mrs. Norton took a private jet to A Nation with Mr. Benedict.”

“That’s impossible!” Finnick couldn’t believe that Vivian had left without even saying a single word to him.

“I also found out that Mrs. Norton realized that there’s a high possibility that the baby she’s carrying is not yours. She chose to leave you and go to A Nation with Benedict because she didn’t know how to face you.” Noah continued and said whatever Evelyn had taught him to say.

Finnick finally understood why Vivian filed for divorce all of a sudden.

He had refused to tell Vivian about her humiliating incident because he was afraid that she would be ashamed and leave him. He did not expect things to turn out the way that he had feared it to become.

But he couldn’t let Vivian leave just like that. He couldn’t live without her, so he must find her and bring her back.

“Noah, get me the earliest flight to A Nation. Also, find out Benedict and Vivian’s specific location in A Nation. Hurry!”

“Yes.” Noah replied and turned to leave.

Although he was threatened by Evelyn and had to say these things against his will, he also found out that Vivian’s trip to A Nation was actually true. It would be best if Mr. Norton could really win her back, as that would make him feel less guilty.

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