Never Late, Never Away Chapter 497

The doctor turned around and walked away, leaving Finnick standing alone in a daze.

Paraplegia? How is it possible for Evelyn to be so severely injured? I didn’t use that much force when I shook her off.

But now was not the time to shirk responsibility. It seemed that Evelyn did fall down the stairs when he shook his arm free from her hold. He definitely had to bear responsibility for this.

What should I do now? How am I going to break the news to Evelyn? She’s still so young. How will she react when she finds out that she has to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair?

Finnick collapsed onto a chair outside of the operating room. He slumped over and buried his face in his hands as he drowned himself in guilt.

It was all his fault. He shouldn’t have been so rough when he flung his arm free from Evelyn’s grasp. He should have kept his cool and talked to her calmly. Otherwise, this would not have happened. What was he going to do now?

Noah had been waiting with Finnick outside of the operating room. He was shocked as well after hearing what the doctor had to say. If it was a bitter ploy against Finnick, then it was too big a price to pay for Evelyn.

Seeing Finnick deep in remorse and guilt, Noah felt terrible and worried.

Based on Finnick’s personality, he would definitely hold himself accountable for this incident. And he most likely would take the initiative to care for Evelyn for the rest of her life. Perhaps, Evelyn did it for this purpose.

But if that was the case, then what about Mrs. Norton? At the thought of that, Noah couldn’t help but asked Finnick, “Mr. Norton, do you want to go and look for Mrs. Norton now? I’ll book a plane ticket to A Nation right away.”

Finnick was silent and did not respond. Noah’s heart thumped at Finnick’s lack of response. It seemed that Evelyn had achieved her goal.

True enough, after a moment of contemplation, Finnick said, “Put that on hold first. We’ll talk about that later once I’ve settled things for Evelyn.”

In fact, Finnick wanted very much to go after Vivian right away. But Evelyn was still in the hospital because of him. He definitely couldn’t just get up and leave.

With that, Finnick stood up and walked to Evelyn’s room. Noah was left alone, and he was starting to panic, but he couldn’t say anything at all to Finnick.

Evelyn was already awake when he entered the ward. Her face was as pale as a ghost, and she looked weak and pitiful.

Tears welled up in Evelyn’s eyes when she saw him coming into the ward. “Finnick, just now… the nurse said, my legs… my legs…”

Evelyn choked and fell silent.

The guilt in Finnick’s eyes grew more intense when he heard that she had already known about her legs.

He walked to the side of Evelyn’s bed and crouched down. “It’s all my fault, Evelyn. I made a mistake. But don’t you worry, I’ll take full responsibility for it. I’m sorry.”

After hearing Finnick’s apology, Evelyn felt a little smug and surprised. But she continued to feign sadness and said, “It’s alright, Finnick. Don’t say that. Don’t blame yourself. It’s entirely my own fault. I shouldn’t have gotten into your way.”

Immediately, Evelyn covered her mouth with her hands to stop herself from bawling. “But I really can’t forget about you, Finnick. I really can’t control how I feel about you. I thought you would wait for me… I…”

Evelyn sobbed.

Finnick felt even more guilty.

At the thought of that, Evelyn was not to be blamed. After all, he had always thought that Evelyn was gone. Come to think of it, he was the one who had a change of heart between them. After gaining back her memory, Evelyn probably was at a loss when she returned from abroad to see that things had changed between them.

But his heart belonged to Vivian, and there was no room for Evelyn. Right now, he could only do his best to make it up to Evelyn.

“Evelyn, I have to bear responsibility for this. Just let me know how I can make it up to you, and I’ll do my best.” Finnick looked at Evelyn earnestly as he said that.

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