Never Late, Never Away Chapter 499

Glancing at Evelyn, who was wailing in front of him, Finnick was fraught with guilt. He was the reason why Evelyn had up in this tragic fate. Now that Evelyn had asked for his help, he just couldn’t reject helping her.

Not to mention, Evelyn said so herself before that she had no one else left to rely on.. At least in Vivian’s case, she could rely on Benedict to take care of her. He wanted to make sure Evelyn was brave enough to accept her current situation and move on with her life before leaving her to find Vivian.

After pondering for a while, Finnick finally replied, “Okay, I promise that I’ll stay here with you.”

“Really?” Evelyn was cavorting in joy. “Thank you, Finnick. Thank you so much!” She embraced him.

Evelyn felt like she was on cloud nine. Vivian, even after robbing me of my place in the Morrison family, you still couldn’t get Finnick to love you. In the end, I’m the one that he really wants.

Humph, with his shares in the Finnor Group as well as the Norton Corporation, Finnick’s earnings far exceed that of Benedict’s. Marrying him will unequivocally be more beneficial in contrast to staying back at the Morrison family. Ha! Who has the last laugh now!

“It’s because of me that you ended up like this. Let me at least do this much to make it up to you.” Finnick gently pushed Evelyn back and added on, “You should lie down and rest. I have some things that I need to take care of. I’ll come back later.”

“Okay, go do what you need to. I’ll be fine.” Having achieved her goal, Evelyn acted obediently.

After helping Evelyn to lie down, Finnick turned around and left the ward.

Noah, who was waiting for Finnick outside the ward, hurriedly walked up to him. “Mr. Norton, what did Evelyn say?” Noah was afraid that Evelyn had made an unreasonable request to Finnick.

Feigning ignorance at his question, Finnick gazed at him and uttered, “Give me the divorce agreement that was sent from Benedict. I’ll sign it.”

“Mr. Norton, you really shouldn’t sign it!” Noah advised frantically as he knew that Evelyn was planning for this to happen. Mr. Norton wouldn’t have agreed to sign the divorce agreement if it wasn’t for Evelyn impinging on his relationship with Mrs. Norton.

Noah was frustrated at himself for not being able to convey his thoughts about Evelyn to Finnick.

“Mr. Norton, Mrs. Norton must be waiting for you to go and find her. You can’t…” As Noah was trying his best to convince Finnick, Finnick interrupted him and said, “I’m obstinate about my choice. Just hand me the divorce agreement.”

Seeing as Finnick was adamant to sign the divorce agreement, Noah could only keep quiet and obey his order. “Okay, I’ll go back to the office and get them now.” Noah hastily left the hospital upon finishing his sentence.

En route to the office, Noah was overwhelmed with regret. He felt that he had also played a part in exacerbating the relationship between Finnick and Vivian. Although he was threatened by Evelyn to betray Finnick, it didn’t change the fact that he was the one who did all those terrible things behind his back.

Even Noah found it hard to forgive himself, let alone Vivian and Finnick. I’ll need to find opportunities to atone for my mistakes in the future.

After getting the divorce agreement, Noah quickly went back to the hospital.

Looking at the divorce agreement in front of him, Finnick received the pen passed over by Noah but was hesitant of signing his name on it.

The vivid memories of him and Vivian suddenly evoked in his mind, causing a sad feeling in his heart. If I were to sign my name on this piece of paper, it would mean that I’ve officially severed my ties with Vivian.

Finnick forced out a smile. Are the wonderful memories we had together going to end just like this? Could their relationship be determined with just a signature on some documents?

“Mr. Norton, you can still change your mind. It’s not too late for you to chase down Mrs. Norton.” Seeing the miserable look on Finnick’s face, Noah tried once again to convince him.

Finnick was snapped out of his thoughts after hearing what Noah said. He then lifted his head to glance at the direction of Evelyn’s ward. The sight of Evelyn bursting into tears played in his mind again. Having strengthened his resolve, Finnick quickly signed his name onto the divorce agreement.

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