Never Late, Never Away Chapter 50

“Of course I’m telling the truth! I swear to God I didn’t touch that woman. I don’t even know how she looks like!”

Only then did Finnick release him, as he thought the old man would not dare to lie to himself either.

“Bring him down,” Finnick said coldly. “Find out whether what he said is true, and interrogate him on who introduced him to Vivian.”

“Yes,” Noah replied immediately, and only after signaling his subordinates to bring the old man down did he whisper to Finnick, “Finnick, that disgusting old man wasn’t the one who assaulted Mrs. Norton.”

On the contrary, Finnick did not seem the least bit happy and only gave Noah a cold look. “So, is it a good thing that she got assaulted by another man?”

Noah’s face turned white. “Mr. Norton, that’s not what I meant,” he said.

Finnick did not feel like dealing with Noah anymore, so he turned his wheelchair around and left the warehouse.

When he got home, Vivian had just gotten out of the shower and was wrapped in a towel. Never would she have thought that she would immediately run into Finnick.

“Ah,” Vivian cried out softly and tried to go back into the bathroom.

However, Finnick said indifferently, “You don’t need to hide. I’ve already seen it all anyway.”

Vivian froze.

Indeed- a few nights ago, while nothing happened, Finnick did in fact see everything.

Vivian’s face burned red, but she could not continue her pretense. All she could do was walk out awkwardly, hurriedly put a nightgown over her towel, and yank the towel out from under.

Finnick looked at Vivian, who was still a little wet with water droplets sliding down her pretty neck and a slight blush on her cheeks from the steam. She looked like a juicy peach.

He cleared his throat and averted his eyes.

Even if he knew something happened between Vivian and another man, his body still reacted primitively every time he laid eyes upon her body.

Damn, I used to be obsessed with purity, virginity and all that stuff.

But it’s as if Vivian is some kind of strange exception.

After Vivian changed into her nightgown at lightning speeds, she hurriedly got into bed and asked Finnick, “Aren’t you going to shower?”

Only then did Finnick come to his senses. He nodded his head and walked to the bathroom.

Vivian now understood why there was no one around to take care of Finnick. The reason was that, in the first place, he had no need for that. If there was such a person, they would be more of a bother instead of a comfort to him.

Finnick got into the bathroom quickly and the sound of the shower came slowly. Vivian was just about to go on social media when the sound suddenly stopped. Then, she heard Finnick’s voice.


His voice was pleasant- it was low and slightly hoarse. Her heart skipped a beat every time he called her name.

“What’s wrong?” She hurriedly got up from the bed.

“I forgot to get my underwear.” Finnick’s voice sounded from the bathroom. “Could you get it for me?”

Vivian froze and her face turned red immediately.

Get his underwear?

Something that private?

“Is it inconvenient for you?” Having not heard a reply, Finnick’s voice rang out again, “Should I go out and get it myself then?”

Vivian tried imagining the alluring sight of Finnick getting out of the shower. She hurriedly jumped out of bed and said, “No need, I-I’ll just get it for you. Where is it?”

Finnick was standing at the door in the bathroom with the corners of his mouth slightly curved up. “It’s in the drawer at the bottom of the closet,” he said.

Vivian opened the drawer and saw that it was filled with designer underwear. She haphazardly grabbed a pair with her eyes shut tight, then knocked on the bathroom door.

Originally, she thought that Finnick would crack open the door just enough for her to hand the underwear over. Instead, he opened the door to its full width.

The steam from the shower seeped out as the riveting sight of Finnick, who was in the middle of his shower, appeared before Vivian’s eyes.

Although they had been intimate before, this was the first time Vivian had properly looked at Finnick’s body.

Her eyes lingered on his broad shoulders, his sturdy chest, his angular abs like white marble, and his two distinct v-cut abs, all the way down to his private area that was hidden under a towel…


Vivian felt like smoke was coming out of her head!

In stark contrast to Vivian’s fluster, Finnick was as calm as he always was. “Thanks.” He took his underwear from her hands and raised an eyebrow. “I didn’t know you like such tight-fitting cuts.”

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