Never Late, Never Away Chapter 500

After signing the divorce agreement, Finnick handed it over to Noah without taking another look at it. “Send it to Benedict as soon as possible.”

“Yes.” Noah reluctantly accepted the divorce agreement. He was chagrined of the fact that he had failed to persuade him in the end.

“Help me look after Evelyn for a while. I’m going out to get some fresh air,” instructed Finnick. Finnick was very conflicted; he didn’t know how he should face Evelyn after this. What he needed was some space and time to figure out his next move.

“Okay,” replied Noah.

Finnick turned around and headed toward the exit of the hospital. The feeling of loneliness surrounded him as he walked out of the hospital.

Glaring at the back of Finnick, Noah let out a sigh before diverting his gaze to the divorce agreement in his hand. Is it really over for Mr. and Mrs. Norton?

Noah gritted his teeth in anger as he thought about the perpetrator behind all of this. He walked into Evelyn’s ward with the crumpled file in his hand.

In the meantime, Evelyn was sitting nonchalantly on her bed, with a smug expression on her face. For a person who had just lost the ability to walk, she seemed rather delighted.

As Noah entered the ward, Evelyn arrogantly gave out an order to him, “I’m craving for some apples. Help me peel one.”

However, Noah just stood there and stared vacuously at her.

Miffed, Evelyn frowned after seeing Noah’s response. “What’s wrong? I’ll soon be the madam president of the Finnor Group. Do I not have the authority to order you around?”

“What? You’re going to marry Mr. Norton?” Noah was shocked after hearing Evelyn’s words. Not only did Mr. Norton promised to divorce Vivian, but he also promised to marry Evelyn?

Looking at Noah’s reaction, Evelyn was getting haughtier as she uttered, “Yes, but this was all possible because of you. Thank you so much for your help. Without you, It wouldn’t have been this successful.”

Livid, Noah was clenching his fists. He could only endure her provocation as it was indisputable that he had indeed “helped” her in this matter all along.

Noah was getting so furious to the point where his face turned bright red. “You deliberately fell down the stairs, right?” Noah impugned the truth behind her accident.

“Ah, so you’ve seen through it.” Evelyn seemed unperturbed even after being exposed by Noah. “Yes, I did it intentionally.”

Although Noah had speculated as much, he was still surprised upon hearing her admitting it in person. “You’re crazy! You might have to sit in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. Do you understand what you’ve gotten yourself into?”

Noah was by no means worried about Evelyn. He just couldn’t comprehend how crazy and terrifying this woman could be. She was willing to go as far as hurting herself just to achieve her goal! Not to mention that the injury she had to sustain wasn’t just a scratch that would heal by itself after a few days.

“Of course, I do!” Evelyn was also infuriated by Noah’s words. Having lost both her legs, it was impossible for her to realize the quagmire that she had gotten herself into. “If it meant that I could be with Finnick forever, losing a pair of legs is a small price to pay. I’ll deign to do anything just to be with him!” Evelyn was getting riled up.

“You are really crazy.” Noah took a step back away from Evelyn as he was frightened by her fiery eyes. “Is there nothing that you’re afraid of in this world?” Noah murmured in an incredulous tone.

Although his voice was very low, Evelyn was still able to hear his response. “At least you know now. That being said, you’d better take what we’ve discussed here to the grave. If Finnick somehow got word about this, I’ll expose what you did to Vivian to the public. Also, don’t forget that your parents’ lives are still in my hands!”

Glaring at the minatory look on her face as she was threatening him, the aversion Noah had for her grew even more. He felt that Evelyn was like a stain on his body that he couldn’t wash off no matter how hard he tried. He was very disgusted with that thought.

“Evelyn, the one that Mr. Norton loves is Vivian. He would never fall for an abhorrent woman like you. All your petty schemes will fail you in the end!”

Hearing the name Vivian being mentioned, Evelyn was furious. “Vivian is worthless to Finnick. I’m better than her in every aspect! Finnick would never like an ugly woman like her!”

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