Never Late, Never Away Chapter 501

“Mrs. Norton isn’t ugly. The ugly one here is you!” Noah retorted. “Furthermore, her personality is way better than yours. You could never be able to match her kindness in a million years.”

Evelyn chuckled before taunting him, “Well, well. Who would’ve thought that you had a thing for Evelyn too? Does Finnick know about this?”

“Only someone as despicable as you would think that way.” Noah seemed apathetic to her taunt. “Those who have a good taste in women would definitely choose Mrs. Norton over you!”

“Shut up!” Evelyn’s voice was sharp enough to rupture a person’s eardrum. Noah’s statement reminded her of the choices that Benedict and Finnick made before. “What’s so great about Vivian? I don’t get why each and everyone of you are always fawning over her!”

“At least she won’t plot against Mr. Norton and those who love him.”

Evelyn sneered at him and responded, “Noah, you think you have the right to judge me? Don’t forget that you’re an accomplice too. You’ve also played a part in this.”

“I would advise you to abstain from talking to me like this ever again. I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing to you in the heat of the moment.”

Noah was speechless after hearing what she said. She’s right, I don’t have the right to act all high and mighty. I’m also taking advantage of Finnick and Evelyn’s trust in me to hurt them even more.

After bringing Vivian with him to A Nation, Benedict was quick to arrange a new place for her to live. The Morrison Group was quite a lot of business in A Nation, so living there wouldn’t be a problem for them.

Having sorted everything out, Vivian wanted to do a pregnancy check-up at the hospital. She was worried that something bad might happen to her baby since she was moving around so much.

“You haven’t fully recovered from the injuries yet. I’ll contact the doctor later and have them come to the house to do the check-up. You don’t need to bother going to the hospital.” Benedict was very attentive and thoughtful.

“Okay.” Vivian nodded her head in gratitude. “Thank you, and sorry for troubling you in these past few days.”

In the last few days, Benedict was scrupulous at taking care of Vivian. He provided a sense of security for her and gave her a place to go to. It made her understand the warmth and joy of having a brother who genuinely cared for her.

“Don’t say that.” Benedict deliberately put on an angry face and gently tapped on her forehead with his finger. “As your brother, it is my responsibility to take care of you. You don’t need to treat me like a stranger.”

“Okay.” Vivian smiled and rubbed her forehead before glancing at Benedict. “Ben,” uttered Vivian in a serious tone.

She felt loved again. Yes, she had a brother. From that day onward, she would have someone to rely on. Someone she could whine at, as well as someone she could quibble and have a fight with. However, based on her personality, the probability of her doing these things was rather low.

Benedict was touched to see the loving look on Vivian’s face. He reached out his hands and hugged Vivian. “Vivian, I won’t let anyone hurt you anymore. I’ll pay my dues to you from now on.”

“Okay.” Vivian hugged him back, with tears in her eyes.

In the afternoon, Benedict invited a Chinese doctor over to the house. After a series of check-ups, the doctor informed Vivian that her body was weak and advised her to take good care of herself.

“So the child is fine, right?” Vivian queried nervously.

“Don’t worry, the baby is in pink of health.” The doctor assured her. “Since you’re an expectant mother now, you’ll need to get more rest. Besides that, you’ll also need to pay more attention to your diet. Try not to be picky with your food and make sure that you have a balanced diet,” the doctor added on.

Knowing that her child was fine, Vivian breathed a sigh of relief. “Okay, I understand. Thank you, doctor. I’ll take good care of myself.”

“Oh, I almost forgot…”

The doctor continued exhorting her about all sorts of things. Perplexed by the surge of information into her head, Vivian realized that nurturing a baby was not an easy feat. Meanwhile, Benedict was paying more attention to the doctor than her, memorizing each and every word said by the doctor.

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