Never Late, Never Away Chapter 503

“Alright then, I’ll go and settle the paperwork while you get settled. Regarding this file,” Benedict handed over the divorce agreement to Vivian. “I think it’s better for you to keep it.”

Benedict gave Vivian a gentle hug before leaving the house. He knew that she needed some personal space.

Glancing at the divorce agreement in her hand, Vivian had flashbacks of that day when she saw Finnick and Evelyn hateful at Finnick the more she thought about it.

Let’s end it all here. We’ll be strangers if we do meet again.

Five years later, at the airport of Sunshine City, an attractive-looking girl was walking toward the exit. She had lustrous hair and was wearing big sunglasses, which were covering about one-third of her face. The facial features left uncovered on her face were her dainty nose and her red lips.

She was wearing a white shirt paired with black baggy pants. The combination of the two complemented very well with her slim figure. Although it was just a common style of clothing, the girl still looked fancy wearing them.

Besides that, her high heels, which were dark blue in color, further illustrated her sense of style. She was giving off the vibes of a cool and classy beauty.

That being said, the people passing by were let down when they noticed that she was walking with a little boy beside her, so they assumed that she was already taken.

Unlike the cool beauty, the little boy was really cute.

His fair white skin, in addition to his exquisite facial features, made him look adorable. With his big eyes, the little boy was scanning his surroundings curiously. His eyes were very clean and clear as if he had never been corrupted before.

If someone were to meet his eyes, the little boy would give out a bright smile, exposing his pearl white, enviable teeth. A few of the travellers there had fallen prey to that bright smile of his.

“Mom, are they staring at me because of my good looks?” The little boy queried smugly while still maintaining that lovable smile of his.

The woman was left speechless for a moment. Although her son was good in every other aspect, his only foible was that he was a bit narcissistic. I wonder who he got that from. It definitely couldn’t have been from me. I don’t hold myself in high regard.

As for him… The woman paused her thoughts as she was disappointed in herself for thinking about him again.

Having not yet heard a response from the woman, the little boy lifted his head up to glance at her; only to see that she was pondering about something with a sad look on her face.

“Mom, are you okay? Mom?” Worried, the little boy shook her arm.

After recovering her train of thought, the woman gazed down on her son. “Yes, they’re looking at you because you’re handsome. My cute little pumpkin is so lovable.”

The little boy thought that he must’ve been hallucinating just now as his mother’s expression had reverted back to her beautiful and heart-warming smile.

“Of course!” The little boy lifted his head up proudly as if he was the most handsome boy in the world.

The woman shook her head as she was amused by his action. Then, she exited the airport with the little boy.

After leaving the airport, the woman was stupefied by the familiar yet strange sight she saw in front of her. It had been five years since she last set foot in this city of sorrow.

The girl was none other than Vivian William who had left the city five years ago. She had now changed her name to Vivian Morrison.

The little boy beside her was her child, Larry Morrison and his nickname was ‘little pumpkin’. He was very imaginative and crafty ever since he was little. The IQ and EQ of the kid didn’t match his age at all.

Vivian initially had no intention whatsoever to return to this city. However, since the Morrison family had encountered some issues within its shares in one of the companies, she had no choice but to return with Benedict to this city and help him with the problem.

As the problem was very urgent, Benedict had sent her back to the city first.

The city had changed a lot in the last five years. Except for some of the main buildings, Vivian barely recognized the buildings around her as most of them had been renovated.

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