Never Late, Never Away Chapter 504

Before they returned, Benedict asked her if she had thought it through about going home. If she really did not want to see them, he would work something out regarding the problem with the shares.

But it wasn’t like she didn’t know how difficult this problem would be. If it was not handled properly, Benedict’s position within Morrison Group would be seriously threatened.

Over the years, Benedict has fulfilled the role of an older brother to the best of his ability. He had even spoiled Larry like he was his own son. But now that he’s in trouble, how could I turn a blind eye?

It’s been five years. She had been away long enough. To begin with, it wasn’t her fault. She did not wrong anyone, so her conscience was clear.

Furthermore, these five years had turned her into a strong and independent woman. She was no longer the ‘Vivian Williams’ who had to escape the country with Benedict. She now proudly went by her new identity, Vivian Morrison.

She glanced down at her son. Her heart softened for a moment, and then quickly hardening again in determination. She was now a mother. Nobody would ever harm me and my child again!

“Mom, look at him!” Larry shouted, pointing excitedly at the screen opposite the airport.

Vivian turned to look at where he was pointing. Momentarily startled, she laughed bitterly to herself. Why does this have to be her first encounter with him upon landing? Is this some twisted fate between both of us?

The screen broadcasted Finnick being interviewed by reporters.

He didn’t look much different compared to five years ago. He was still handsome and exuded the charm of a mature man with every gesture. With that look of his, girls were frantically nudging their friends and pointing at the screen.

“Wow, he’s so handsome! I wonder if he’s married?”

“You might not know this. He is a famous icon in our city. Mature and stable, excelling in his career, and looking like a movie star too. This is what a successful man looks like,” said one of the girls to her companion. “You’ve skip a trip to our city back then, and now look at how many hot guys you’ve missed. Are you regretting now?”

“Yes!” The friend nodded frantically. “I wonder if he’s still attached?”

Her little friend sighed. “I heard he got married five years ago, but I think they got divorced. I am not sure about now.”

“A man like that will be more irresistible after a divorce.”

The pair wandered off as they gossiped. Vivian could hardly hear them, but she had a vague idea.

She smiled to herself. I wonder if they knew what he did, would they still worship him like that?

Vivian examined Finnick’s magnified face on the screen. She was surprised to notice upon close examination of his brows, eyes, nose, and lips that there was shockingly little difference compared to five years ago. Every detail of that handsome face was still crystal clear in her memory, to the point where she felt nothing but a sweet sense of familiarity.

If she had to pick out something different from five years ago, she would have to admit that he had become more mature. Five years ago, Vivian was able to read Finnick through his eyes. But now, they’ve become more distant, detached, like he’d built walls around them. She could not see what was within these eyes anymore like she used to be able to.

“Mom! Mom!” Larry stared at the screen a little longer and confirmed his notion.

“What is it?” Vivian was surprised by how her son was drawn to Finnick’s presence on the screen. Could this be explained by the bond between father and son? Even though they’d never met, Larry was able to recognize Finnick right away from a crowd.

“Mom, do you think the man on the TV looks a lot like me?” Larry studied Finnick’s face closely. There’s somebody in the world who looks so much like me!

Vivian felt a squirm of anxiety at his question. Has he noticed something?

No, it’s not possible, Vivian reassured herself. Even if he was bright, he was just a five-year-old boy. She and Benedict definitely had not told him anything about Finnick before. Vivian told her son that his father had passed away before he was born. He shouldn’t think much more about it.

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