Never Late, Never Away Chapter 505

Vivian forced a smile. “Little pumpkin, you are young and he is old. How do you look like him?”

Actually, Larry’s features resembled hers, but the expressions he displayed reminded Vivian of Finnick sometimes. They were father and son after all.

“I don’t know,” replied Larry, frustrated. “It feels like I’ve met him somewhere before, but I can’t remember.”

Larry looked as though he was trying to extract information on Finnick from the depths of his memory, but this was of course impossible.

Feels like? Vivian was amused yet nervous at her son’s remark. This is Larry’s first encounter with Finnick through the television, and he could feel the connection. If he met his father one day… Or if his father met him one day, would he feel that same kind of connection toward his son?

Vivian clutched her son’s hand tightly at that thought, suddenly feeling afraid. Not in a million years, Larry is mine!

“Mom, it hurts.” Larry frowned in pain and tried to wrench his hand away.

“Huh?” Vivian regained her senses and loosened her grip. “I’m sorry my darling, I was too rough with you, wasn’t I? Let me make it all better.” Vivian knelt before him and blew gently on his hand.

Larry secretly rolled his eyes. Mom still treats me like a child.

“Mom, do you think that man on the TV looks like me?” Larry persisted.

“Does he?” Vivian looked on with a solemn expression. “I don’t see any resemblance.”

She massaged his hands a little more, then stood up and led him out of the airport. “Alright, Larry. Uncle Benedict is still waiting for us at home. Didn’t you say you miss him? Let’s get home, shall we?”

“Okay!” At the mention of his favorite uncle, Larry forgot about his question and ran joyfully towards the gate. “Mom, hurry up! We’re going to Uncle Benedict!”

“Coming!” Vivian felt better after seeing how happy her son was. “Slow down and watch out for traffic, will you?”

Soon after, they pulled up at the Morrison residence.

“Uncle!” Larry broke free of his mother’s grip and ran towards Benedict as quickly as his short legs could carry him.

Benedict was startled but knelt down with his arms opened wide as he missed his nephew as well. Larry leaped into his arms joyfully.

In Benedict’s embrace, Larry rubbed his face against his chest. Looking up at his uncle with tears in his eyes, he whispered, “I miss you, Uncle Benedict.”

Aside from his mother, the person who loved Larry the most in this world was his uncle. He hadn’t been away from Benedict for this long before, so he missed him dearly.

Benedict’s heart wrenched as he heard the little fellow telling him that he missed him. “Well, I miss you too. Have you been a good boy and listen to your mother?”

Larry was feeling warm and fuzzy with his uncle until he said that. Larry pursed his lips with indignation. Why is everybody treating me like a child today? I am a big boy now!

Larry looked up from Benedict’s chest and surveyed the house. “Uncle, is this our other house?”

“That’s right.” Benedict tousled Larry’s hair. “Do you like it? I’ll send someone to show you your room, okay? If there’s anything you don’t like, we can have it replaced for you.”

“Okay!” Larry said, running out of Benedict’s arms. “Uncle, where is my room?” He took his room as his private sanctuary, so he was rather particular about the place.

Benedict shook his head in amusement at the child who went from secretly shedding tears in his arms to being excited at the prospect of having his own bedroom. Kids being kids.

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