Never Late, Never Away Chapter 507

On the second floor of the hotel, the banquet hall had been transformed into an exhibition hall. Shelves made of glass proudly displayed antiques of various eras in history. As the light shone from the top four corners of the shelves, the exhibits shimmered in extravagance.

Though the auction had not officially begun, the guests were already crowding the hall. At this moment, their conversational topics only revolved around exhibits they had their eye on, estimation of the prices, and the unveiling of the infamous Ms. Morrison.

They have met Evelyn, of course. She was a stunner of fair and bright complexion, but also a rose with very sharp thorns. Evelyn had rejected more than her fair share of eligible suitors back in the day.

However, the Morrison family revealed some startling news around five years ago. Evelyn was not actually a Morrison but somebody else.

Though the Morrison family was not what it once was, their influence was still strong within the fabric of society. They were a large clan within their homestead of Sunshine City, with many sharp eyes scrutinizing each and every move they made. As soon as the news of the return of the real Ms. Morrison was leaked, the media promptly circulated it and caused a frenzy within the city.

Many wanted a glimpse of this famous young woman given her status and the mystery behind her identity. However, the Morrison family did not make any official announcement on her then. After all these years, the matter almost vanished from public memory but was once again jolted back by the news that Ms. Morrison would be attending the auction.

That was why aside from the ones who were truly interested in the auction, there were a lot of attendees who were just there to get a glimpse of Ms. Morrison. Especially those rich old ladies who were looking for a wife for their sons.

“Tell me, what does this Ms. Morrison look like? Evelyn Morrison was not bad looking, but it was her attitude that I couldn’t stand.”

This tasteful comment was passed by Mrs. Litt of Dash Technologies. She once intended to be in-laws with the Morrisons through her son. But Evelyn rudely left her aside without even completing two sentences of conversation.

The lady next to her scoffed inwardly. Not a good enough match for you? You were the one who went up to her and tried to gain favors, and she ignored you. Now the tables have turned when you heard that Evelyn isn’t a Morrison,!

Though she had these thoughts, she kept them to herself. Instead, she smiled and said, “Yes, according to my observations, this young lady wouldn’t be too bad looking too. We’ve met Benedict Morrison, haven’t we? This girl is his sibling; she would share his good looks too. If she’s to your satisfaction, she would be a good match for your son.”

She didn’t intend to contradict herself in this manner, but her husband had reminded her repeatedly to be on Mrs. Litt’s good side before she came to the auction. He was hoping to secure better opportunities to do business with Dash Technologies through her connection.

“We shall wait and see,” Mrs. Litt said. These words have struck a chord in her. She still has not gotten over the slight by Evelyn. It ate her up for days. Even worse, she wasn’t able to confide to anyone about it.

As these two ladies were predicting what the new Ms. Morrison would be like, the entrance to the exhibition hall swung open with a commotion. The attendees turned to look towards the door.

Amidst stupefied stares, a young lady emerged and walked slowly into the hall.

A long skirt of pearl gray adorned her waist. There was a deep V design that flaunted her slender arms and exquisite collarbones. From the waist down to her heels, the dress flowed like liquid mercury. The back of her attire was bare, which partially exposed her pale back with every step she took and the rhythmic sway of her hip.

Vivian’s outfit was elegant, and it brought out the best in her as she had hoped.

Vivian clutched Benedict’s arm tightly as they walked. Her heart was thumping wildly with all eyes fixed on her.

She had come prepared, but she could not suppress the mild shiver that came involuntarily. After all, her identity was made public knowledge. After today, perhaps her old friends would have gotten the news of her return. What would they think if they saw her in the present?

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