Never Late, Never Away Chapter 509

Turns out, they were living together for a long time and were just only considering marriage.

With a supreme effort to push her doubts aside, she straightened up, raised her head, and walked forwards. She had promised herself once before. She will never back off again!

The guests have mostly arrived. The auction was due to begin shortly.

As everybody was settling down, a voice said, “Isn’t that the president of Finnor Group, Finnick Norton? Why is he here?”

Vivian’s heart clenched. She betrayed a look of terror. It doesn’t take long to run into him!

Benedict felt his sister’s grip on his arm tighten. Patting her arm encouragingly, he said, “Vivian, I’m here with you. Don’t be nervous.”

“Hmm.” She nodded and regained some calmness. She was not afraid, but this happened much earlier than she had expected. Well, it’s not a big deal.

Vivian took two deep breaths and entered the exhibition hall.

Finnick wore a plain black suit. As always, it looked superb in both the quality and the cutting. It was obvious that it was tailored for his frame.

Though she had seen him on screen at the airport, she was forced to admit that after seeing him in person, his charm had only increased over these years.

Finnick’s features were as sharp as ever. His broad frame combined with his cold demeanor had commanded respect from the crowd so naturally.

He was also different from his on-screen appearance. There, he smiled easily and navigated the reporter’s tricky questions with ease. Here, however, she shuddered at the glum and intimidating air that seemed to follow him around, infecting all who came in contact with him.

If Finnick was considered cold and kept others hesitant from approaching him five years ago, his current persona struck fear in them to the point that it kept them completely at bay.

Finnick scanned the crowd and spotted Vivian and froze as soon as he recognized her.

Finnick ignored her beautiful dress, her exquisitely applied makeup, and even the man whose arm she was clutching. The truth was, he did not even notice the person next to her.

All Finnick saw were Vivian’s eyes. The sight that had haunted him in his dreams for five years.

They were still beautiful. Bright and misty, just like the first time they met, without any impurities. He saw right through her eyes into her soul. Vivian stood rigid and observed Finnick too. There was no escaping it; fear was not an option today. She was all calm.

No, calmness was merely for show. Beneath its tranquil overcoat, there was something else…

It was hatred.

Deep-set hatred and patience to hold back the hatred that made Finnick feel deeply uneasy.

They just stared at each other like no one else mattered. It was as if they were the only two people left on earth.

The crowd stayed quiet, glancing at both of them in turn. They could hardly believe that the subjects of their gossip had now turned up in front of their very eyes.

After a long silence, they began whispering again. Soon after that, the regular hubbub of chatter filled the hall once more.

“What is going on? The way they’re looking at each other, do they still have the flame?”

“Hey, you tell us.” Somebody shoved the man who gossiped about Evelyn earlier. “Didn’t you say that Evelyn is now living with Finnick? What’s going on then?”

“I’m not sure,” he replied, puzzled. “I heard it from a friend. He said that Evelyn is paralyzed in both legs. All these years, it was Finnick who cared for her, but he never intended on marrying her. I’ve always thought that he cared for her health, and would marry her in two years. Turns out he might still miss his ex-wife?”

“I think, from the way he’s looking into Ms. Morrison’s eyes, he is able to read her inside out *

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