Never Late, Never Away Chapter 51

Vivian felt her face getting hot instantly.

“You? Showering?” Vivian dared not even look at him and quickly pushed the bathroom door close.

Finnick lowered his head and glanced at her flushed face. All he could think of was how cute she looked as he allowed her to close the door.

Vivian returned to the bed and still felt as though her cheeks were extremely hot. She picked up her phone and browsed through Twitter to calm herself down.

After a short moment, Finnick stepped out of the bathroom. Vivian still did not have the courage to make eye contact with him and continued scrolling her phone.

“Let’s head to bed,” Finnick said in a low voice. He switched off the lights after seeing Vivian nod.

That night, her embarrassing, sleepless thoughts engulfed her mind. She could not sleep at all.

Whenever she shut her eyes, she would imagine Finnick’s buff figure and the slight smile on his face. She prayed silently for her heart to stop beating so fast.

Unbeknownst to her, Finnick’s sleep was also disturbed by her tossing and turning. It was a sleepless night for him too.

He heard the woman muttering to herself in the dark, and for a moment, he wanted to have her there and then. Nonetheless, he resisted the temptation after giving it thought.

She’s a delicacy. I have to control myself, and ravish her slowly after.

The next morning, Vivian was awoken by her phone’s ringtone.

Finnick was missing from the bed when she woke up. She picked up the phone from the bedside table and immediately took the call as it was from the hospital.

“Ms. William, we are calling regarding the outstanding ten thousand hospital bill. May I know when you would be able to pay the outstanding sum?”

Vivian instantly felt a headache as she heard this.

She almost forgot about this outstanding amount. Fabian previously declined to advance my salary. Where am I going to get the money?

After repeated assurances that she would pay up within the next three days, Vivian hung up and went downstairs, looking very depressed.

Meanwhile, Finnick was having breakfast in the dining room. Noah stood beside him as he reported the findings of his investigation.

“According to our investigation, the old man is not lying. Someone did try to pull some strings for him, but he didn’t manage to connect with the other party. It seems like a third-party stepped in.”

“Who is it?”

“We couldn’t find anything about them.” Noah cringed as he said this.

“Nothing?” Finnick raised a brow at his response.

He knew Noah was a competent man. The third party must be extraordinarily powerful if he could not find anything on them.

“Continue with the investigation.” He said, “Also, who was the person who tried to pull strings for the old man?”

“We have some leads on that. I believe this person was bribed. It should be easy to find out who he is.”

Noah nodded. Suddenly, he thought of something and said to Finnick hesitantly, “Mr. Norton, I forgot to mention something. We also found out that Ms. William’s mother fell very sick two years ago during our investigations. She’s still in a coma.”

Finnick’s heart skipped a beat as he heard this. A dark expression loomed over his face. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Noah felt wronged.

Well, boss, you didn’t ask us to investigate this, did you?

“What about the hospital bills?” Finnick suddenly realized this. “I suppose the bills are quite high if her mother is in a long-term hospitalization.”

“Yes. After Ms. William married you, she got her citizenship in Sunshine City and medical insurance too. However, while the insurance is of some help, she still has to pay quite a sum on her own.”

Right, so she was in a rush to get married because of the insurance payout.

Finnick instantly understood. He looked up to see Vivian coming down the stairs and immediately waved his hand to signal Noah to stop. “Oh? You’re awake?”

Vivian glanced at Noah suspiciously. “What were you guys talking about?”

“Nothing much,” Finnick calmly replied as he scooped a bowl of soup for her. “Come and have breakfast.”

She did not think much of it and sat down in the dining room. Nonetheless, her thoughts were still distracted by the outstanding hospital bills throughout breakfast.

On the other hand, Finnick would steal glances in her direction from time to time. This time, he knew what she was worried about.

He picked up a piece of sausage and placed it on her plate. With a low voice, he said to her, “Vivian, when we are both free, let’s visit your mother.”

Vivian was taken aback. She looked at him anxiously, only to realize that he was staring back at her in an assertive manner.

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