Never Late, Never Away Chapter 511

The crowd fell silent when the auctioneer opened the box to reveal the ring. But an instant later, there was an uproar.

“How is that a special item?”

“I thought it was a ring worn by an emperor or some concubine. What is this?”

“This isn’t special. This isn’t even an antique! Looks to me like a modern piece of craft.”

“If you are going to include modern items, you might as well auction an antique ring. What is the ring about? Are you insulting us?”

“I guess there’re no other items worth bidding for after this.”

Despite the contempt the crowd had for the ring, Finnick’s eyes widened at the sight of the ring. He grasped the handle of his chair tightly as his whole body trembled with rage.

How could it be? How dare she?

Finnick stared angrily at Vivian a few rows in front of him As if by telepathy, Vivian looked back and met his gaze.

Vivian smiled at the sight of Finnick’s ill-concealed anger. She ridiculed him as well as herself.

What right does he have to be angry? It was his cruelty and betrayal that had shaped their lives to what it had become. She just wanted to auction off their wedding ring.

From now on, this ring to her is only an item to be used to exchange for money. It no longer bore any sentimental value.

She intended to make peace with her past and move on once and for all.

Move on from the foolish, starry-eyed Vivian William who fell in love with Finnick.

But now, Vivian asked herself. Is it really just to move on from the past? If she was serious about moving on, why did she have to sell their wedding ring in front of Finnick? When she witnessed his anger, why did the sight please her?

Not daring to think much deeper, Vivian turned back to the front to look at the wedding ring on stage.

Does she have any reluctance? Of course.

She used to be so fond of it that she never took it off, not even when she was in the shower. After the incident, she was so pained by the sight of it that she took it off and locked it in a drawer. It stayed there for five years. It was as though all the feelings she had for Finnick were condensed into this tiny ring.

To Vivian, this ring was a representation of them and their past together. For five years, she did not dare to look at it, for fear of being reminded by the sweetness and bitterness of their marriage. She was afraid that it would come tumbling down, burying her completely and destroying her.

Before returning back here, she mustered the courage to retrieve it. Holding it tightly in her hand, Vivian reminded herself that she was about to go back. Five years ago, she didn’t have the courage to face this. Now, the time was right.

When she decided to auction this ring, it nearly broke her heart, because it did felt like she was giving a piece of her heart away. It hurt her so much that she trembled.

But if it doesn’t hurt, how would it ever heal?

“Order, everybody. Order.” The auctioneer raised his hands and when silence fell, he told the story of the ring’s origin.

“The owner of this item is Ms. Morrison of the Morrison Group. To her, this ring carries a special meaning. Let us give her a warm welcome to get on stage and tell us about the story behind the ring.”

Under the gaze of the crowd, Vivian walked slowly towards the stage. Watching her walking step by step closer to the stage, Finnick felt that she was inching away from him.

“Hello, everybody. My name is Vivian Morrison, the owner of this ring. As the auctioneer has pointed out, this ring holds a very special meaning for me. I would like to put it up for auction today. At the same time, I would also like to pass on a message to the new owner of this ring. If you’re willing to endure cutting away the pain, you will be able to get a new start with your life. Thank you very much for your attention.”

Vivian bowed slightly to the crowd, and resumed her seat.

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