Never Late, Never Away Chapter 512

Vivian Will- no, Vivian Morrison got off the stage without even looking at him. Finnick let out a bitter laugh.

However, he felt as if her speech was directed to him.

Cutting away the pain? Does she want to cut away the feelings between us? That’s impossible, I wouldn’t allow it!

“Alright, the bid starts at zero, as requested by Ms. Morrison. You are free to bid at any price.”

“Twenty thousand.”

“Thirty thousand.”

“Fifty thousand.”

Though they complained about the ring’s plainness in design, the crowd bid furiously, intent on impressing the Morrisons.

Spending several thousand was little compared to the favor they would get in return from Benedict and Vivian. If an opportunity to work with Morrison Group could materialize, this small loss was insignificant.

And since this was an event organized by the Morrison Group, the attendees comprised mostly of people and entities in business with the Morrisons frequently. They were considered friends and were more than willing to support Benedict.

“A hundred thousand.”

“A hundred and twenty thousand.”

“A hundred and fifteen thousand.”

The bid climbed steadily. Vivian’s mouth hung open slightly in disbelief that her ring would fetch this much. How could someone spend hundreds of thousands on this ring? Aside from the meaning it held for her, she didn’t think it was worth much.

Vivian glanced sideways at Benedict. He seemed to find this completely normal. In fact, he smiled like he was enjoying himself.

At last, the bid approached two hundred thousand, and no one else dared to beat it.

“This gentleman at number seven bids two hundred thousand,” the auctioneer called. “Anyone else?”

The crowd remained silent. They did their best to show their support. Two hundred thousand for a ring like that is just crazy. If it goes up any further, it is no longer a favor but the act of a fool.

Vivian sighed in relief when no one else bid a higher price. It was already unimaginable to her when the ring fetched a high price of two hundred thousand. If this went on, she would be feeling really guilty.

“Anyone else?” the auctioneer asked, to no avail.

“Two hundred thousand going once…” The auctioneer raised his gavel.

“Two hundred thousand…”

“One million,” a deep male voice interrupted him just as the auctioneer was about to strike the gavel.

One million! The crowd turned around to the source of the voice, to see what kind of a fool would bid away his inheritance.

However, their incredulity transformed into comprehension when they detected the source. Who else would spend a million on an ordinary ring? Of course, it is her ex-husband.

“I told you Finnick still had feelings for his ex-wife. Why else would he spend that kind of money on the ring?”

“A million! My God, I thought it ended in a divorce? What’s going on?”

“I didn’t think that Mr. Norton would be so generous even with his ex-wife.”

“Is this part of the routine of a reconciliation? To first make the lady smile?”

“They say that a man who’s willing to spend on you truly loves you. Why would Ms. Morrison even divorce a man like that? If it were me, I wouldn’t leave him even if I get clobbered to death!”

Finnick paid no attention to the gossip surrounding him. He looked straight at Vivian. He did not call for a bid earlier because he was busy studying her expression.

As soon as the bid exceeded the six-digit mark, he saw Vivian’s worried frown. Finnick was pleased to see that. He knew that deep in her heart, she didn’t really want to get rid of the ring.

But when the auctioneer banged the gavel to his bid of a million, he saw Vivian heave a long sigh, her face looking relieved. What does it mean? Was she frowning because she couldn’t bear to part with it? What is the reason? Does she feel embarrassed that the price is too low?

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