Never Late, Never Away Chapter 513

Sensing the anger rising in his chest, Finnick took a few deep breaths in an attempt to control it. Fine! Let’s do it her way!

Hearing the familiar voice and the preposterously high price, it was as though a fire was set ablaze in Vivian’s soul, rage pulsing through her veins. What is this b*stard doing? Attempting to paint himself as a good husband after all the sh*t he’s done?

Blinded by her fury, Vivian decided to outbid Finnick. “One and a half million!” With anger clouding her judgment, she added five hundred thousand on top of the price Finnick bid. That man is not leaving with this ring today! I will not have it! That will be the polar opposite of today’s intention!

“What is going on?” The crowd was dumbstruck.

“Can you bid for the very thing you put up for an auction?”

“I don’t think there are any rules against it…”

“B-But why? Although it will cost you only a little in the end, what’s the point? Besides, didn’t they say there is some meaningful reason or whatsoever behind selling the ring? Why is she bidding for it now?”

“No clue. I’m just as lost as you are.” Murmurs and whispers arose from the room as the crowd tried to make sense of the scene that was playing in front of their eyes.

Finnick glanced at his former wife, realization dawning on him. Ah, so it has nothing to do with money. She just doesn’t want me to get it.

The anger in Finnick’s chest flared up even higher. Memories from years ago flooded to the surface. He remembered instances where he had given in, where he had compromised. But in the end, she still left me in the dust and without contact for five long years! And now, after so long, she has returned, only to cut ties with me completely? And with such enthusiasm!

“Two million,” Finnick announced coolly.

Finnick refused to let Vivian get rid of him and their memories together so easily. Not then, not in a million years.

“Two- Did I mishear it?”

“Are my ears deceiving me?”

“I am now certain that Finnick is still madly in love with his ex-wife. If he isn’t, well, I’ll be damned and the sun shall rise from the west tomorrow.”

“Why do I not have an ex-husband like this? Wait… How did they manage to make one feel jealous of their divorce?”

“Two million! That’s enough for a luxurious car, a mansion, a grand renovation… All that money f-for a ring? There aren’t even any diamonds on it!”

Another wave of commotion rippled through the crowd as the people became visibly agitated.

Vivian was on the edge of losing her mind. Two million! Does Mr. Moneybags think he’s made of money? Or does money grow on the trees in his backyard?

It’s fine. Everything’s fine. The crowd’s voices reminded Vivian that even if she outbid Finnick at the end, she would only lose a little commission fee. There was no way in hell she would let Finnick lay his hands on the ring.

“Two and a half million.” Vivian felt stupid as she called out that price, sensing all eyes on her.

By now, the crowd could no longer contain their amusement. What a show put on by two idiots. A few in the audience snickered, clearly enjoying themselves.

Hearing the number bid by Vivian, Benedict frowned slightly. Not regarding the price, no. That wasn’t the issue. Not to mention, no amount of money could ever be worth up to his sister. It’s just that, for the past five years, Benedict had never seen his sister so riled up.

She was always gentle and caring, with a smile constantly on her lips. Even on rare occasions when she’s upset, Vivian never let her tears fall in front of anyone but herself. That way, she could spare himself and her precious child from worrying.

At that point, however, Finnick managed to arouse her dormant rage with a snap of his fingertips. The very person that regarded a few hundred thousand as exorbitant was now willingly bidding millions, purely out of spite.

Seeing Vivian with her fists clenched tight, face burning hot and eyes glimmering with wrath, Benedict couldn’t deny that she looked so full of life. Mixed emotions swirled within his heart.

Perhaps—just perhaps—she’s still the same person. She’s still Vivian. Does that mean she’s still in love with Finnick?

Concern flickered across Benedict’s face at that thought, distressed. No, Finnick Norton had hurt her once, I will not let that happen ever again! Not if I can help it!

“Three million.” Without hesitation, Finnick raised his paddle.

The initial shock of the crowd had subdued. Everyone decided it was better to keep their mouth shut and enjoy the spectacle. After all, Finnick Norton was notorious for his riches. A mere three million was nothing but a number to him. It was no longer the money that interested them anyways, but rather who would win—Finnick or Vivian?

The drama between the ex-married couple had got them hooked.

Even Vivian was stunned by the price called out by Finnick. What is he up to? What does he want? It was him who didn’t want me back then. So why is he putting up this “lovesick ex-husband” act now?

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