Never Late, Never Away Chapter 514

Looking around herself, Vivian was aware that the crowd has gone from bewildered to entertained. The mocking gazes bore into her head, causing her to feel as if she were a paid actress whose purpose was to put up a scene. The look in Finnick’s eyes frustrated her even more.

If I continue playing this game with him, I might lose up to a couple of hundred thousand. And he surely isn’t worth it.

Regaining her senses, Vivian clenched her teeth and put down the paddle in her hand, resentment coursed through her veins. Forget it! I’ll let him have his way. So what if he got the ring? As long I don’t care, it doesn’t matter.

After Vivian backed down, this round of bidding ended, closing the curtains of the “play” starring her and Finnick, allowing the ring to end up in Finnick’s hands with a sky-high price of three million.

The auctioneer had a hard time concealing his smile as the gavel hit the table for the third time, calling this round of bidding to an end. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined a simple ring as such could win such an extravagant bid. The auctioneer’s eyes shone just by thinking about how much commission he would be receiving.

Before long, another item was brought onstage, signaling the start of a new round, causing the crowd to redirect their attention towards the auction. Even so, Vivian could still hear soft mutterings from the crowd, all of which consisted of speculations about her relationship with Finnick. Some even went as far as saying the two of them were arguing out of unresolved sexual tension, and they’re going to reconcile with each other soon.

Hearing those ridiculous, baseless arguments, blood pounded in Vivian’s ears as she was consumed by blinding rage. Her original intention was to sever all ties she had with Finnick that day, not to cause a commotion.

There was nothing Vivian wanted more than to leave at that moment, but the event was held by the Morrison Group. As a Morrison herself, it would be rude if Vivian were to leave before the auction ended. Unwilling to cause another ruckus, and to save Benedict from any unnecessary troubles, Vivian remained seated in her seat amidst the whispers, counting the seconds till the end of the event.

Immediately after the event ended, Vivian turned to Benedict, “Sorry Ben, I’m gonna head out. There’s something I need to do,” she mumbled. She had no intention of staying there for a moment longer.

Originally, Benedict wanted to introduce Vivian to the shareholders of the Morrison Group after the auction. In fact, that was one of the reasons he brought her there today. Ever since they had decided to let her come out to the public as Vivian Morrison, Benedict wanted to secure her status in the Morrison Group as soon as possible.

However, seeing Vivian eyeing the exit every now and then, Benedict’s heart clenched in pain for his sister. Her eagerness to leave was plain for all to see. He knew the incident earlier had taken a toll on her. It’s probably best for her to leave. It’s not like she can get her head in the game now anyway.

“Alright, be careful.” Benedict smiled. “Don’t stay out for too long.”

“Mm hmm.” With that, Vivian got up and left.

Vivian walked away in an attempt to shake off what had happened in the auction. Even so, she still felt suffocated. Finnick. Ex-wife. Divorcée. Three million. Those words repeatedly played in her head, causing Vivian to feel as if she’s slowly losing her mind. Without a doubt, Vivian knew the scene she and Finnick had caused was the highlight of the auction.

Her resentment towards Finnick deepened as the image played in her mind. After today, there’s bound to be countless, exaggerated rumors regarding me and Finnick all around Sunshine City. Vivian could already imagine how the media coverage of that day’s event and her relationship with Finnick would look like.

Increasing her pace backstage, Vivian desired to change out of those extravagantly elegant clothes, so she would be able to leave that wretched place as soon as she could. Away from all those whispers, those discussions, those judgments, and definitely far, far away from Finnick Norton. I never want to see him ever again in this lifetime!

Vivian was well aware that she was acting like a coward—one who ran away at the first opportunity they get, but what else could she do? She obviously did not expect her heart to react so strongly upon seeing Finnick. All those walls she had built for the past five years seemed to come tumbling down at the mere sight of him. Her emotions had swallowed her entirely.

Caught up in her thoughts, Vivian did not notice the man who appeared out of nowhere before her, until she was cornered. Vivian snapped out of her thoughts and came back to reality. Once she registered who was standing before her, panic flickered across her eyes and she subconsciously took two steps backward.

Fear consumed every inch of her body. In front of everyone with all eyes on her, she had no problem staring him down. But now with no one around and just the two of them, Vivian realized she couldn’t even look at Finnick Norton.

Vivian was fully aware that her body was trembling, and she hated herself for it. It was Finnick who betrayed her, so why should she be the one that was afraid?

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