Never Late, Never Away Chapter 517

Whenever he couldn’t bear it and wanted to make it clear to Evelyn that he did not love her, she would look at him with teary eyes as if she had been wronged. She would also ask him if he had disliked her because of her physical disability. Sometimes, she would even smash things to vent her frustration.

After consulting the doctor, the doctor said she might not have fully accepted the fact that her legs were crippled. Thus, he was told to let her have her way and not say things she did not want to hear lest it provoked her. Otherwise, her condition would only get worse.

Thinking that he was the reason Evelyn became like this, Finnick had no choice but to agree to the doctor.

However, he had also had it figure out. Since he could not get over Vivian, nor would he get into a relationship with Evelyn, he decided that he would not let things go on like this. Otherwise, it would only hurt all three of them.

More importantly, since Vivian had now returned, he would never let her leave again and was determined to get her back.

However, Vivian did not know about Finnick’s thoughts, so his words only made her want to slap him in the face. Obviously, he didn’t want to keep the baby. How can he blame God?

“Drop the act already, Finnick. If you hadn’t done whatever it took to get rid of the baby, I wouldn’t have had a miscarriage!” Vivian said through her gritted teeth.

Even now, he still refuses to admit what happened back then and says this kind of thing. Does he think I’m a fool?

In addition to resentment, Vivian’s heart filled with disappointment. So this is the man I once loved deeply.

She once regarded him as the God who redeemed her, but it was this man, who she admired so much, that pushed her to hell five years ago. She used to think he was a responsible man, but after five years, he still tried to hide the things he had done.

I must be blind to have given my heart to such a man back then, so now I can’t blame others for what I have done to myself. From now on, he and I will go our separate ways.

Knitting his brows, Finnick did not understand what Vivian meant. Although he had indeed persuaded her to abort the baby back then and had also quarreled with her because of this, he did not really “do whatever it took”.

When he was about to ask Vivian why she would say so, a delicate voice was suddenly heard asking, “Finnick, what are you doing here?”

Turning to look at the source of the voice, Finnick found that it belonged to Evelyn, who was sitting in her wheelchair. The sight of her made him feel irritated, but he still tried to ask calmly, “Why are you here?”

As he asked the question, he began to feel suspicious. I only decided to come to this auction at the last minute and did not tell her. How did she know that I’m here?

Moreover, this was not the first time something like this had happened before. Every time he attended banquets, Evelyn would soon find out about it and come to meet him. She would then deliberately be intimate with him for the eyes of the crowd. Could it be that someone in the company informed her of my whereabouts at all times? If I find out who it is, I’ll definitely not let that person off easily!

With that thought in mind, a fit of cruelty flashed across Finnick’s face as he fixed his scrutinizing gaze on Evelyn. Will she really pay someone around me to monitor me?

Meanwhile, Evelyn’s focus was on Vivian, so she did not notice the change in Finnick’s expression.

Evelyn couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Vivian. Is this gorgeous, charming woman really the same ugly woman from five years ago? How did she change so much?

For the past five years, Evelyn had spent more time taking care of her skin in order to keep Finnick by her side, so she believed that her appearance was more attractive now than it was five years ago. But at that moment, she had to admit that the appearance and demeanour of the woman in front of her were not inferior to hers in the slightest.

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