Never Late, Never Away Chapter 518

The thought of Finnick standing so close to Vivian just now caused Evelyn to have her heart in her mouth. Did Vivian come back to steal Finnick away from me? It must be so! Otherwise, how could they have met in this auction so coincidentally?

Looking at Vivian’s dress, Evelyn balled her hands into fists under the blanket. Unexpectedly, Vivian has learned how to seduce men after five years, but I won’t let her steal Finnick away!

Wheeling herself up to Finnick, Evelyn held his arm and cooed coyly, “I was bored at home, so I went out. While I was in the car, I heard that you’re here for an auction, so I came to find you, and we can go home together.”

Evelyn purposely emphasized the phrase “go home.” After speaking, she looked over at Vivian. “Oh, it’s you, Vivian. I didn’t recognize you just now.”

Evelyn pretended to be very enthusiastic. “When did you come back? Finnick and I are going back. Do you wanna come to our place?”

Vivian was shocked when she saw Evelyn in a wheelchair, but she immediately thought of the comments others made about the latter being a cripple before the auction started.

Initially, she felt a little sorry for Evelyn, but she inwardly sneered after hearing the latter’s words and seeing the provocative look in her eyes.

Did she say so to show me that Finnick belongs to her? As expected, she still hasn’t changed. She’s still as scheming as ever.

However, Vivian looked at Evelyn’s legs that were covered with a blanket and suspected if the latter had faked her disability. Based on her understanding of Evelyn’s character, she believed that Evelyn was definitely capable to do such a thing.

But this has nothing to do with me anymore. Vivian could not help but mock herself inwardly. So what if she’s faking it? As long as someone believes her.

At the thought of that, Vivian did not want to stay and watch Finnick and Evelyn being affectionate with each other, so she directly ignored Evelyn and turned to walk backstage.

Did Evelyn think that such actions and words could still provoke me like before? I only cared because I was in love with Finnick back then, but now, all I want is to stay away from him. She can’t get on my nerves now.

“Hold on, Vivian, listen to me…” Finnick wanted to go after Vivian upon seeing that she was leaving. However, Evelyn held his arm tightly and refused to let him go.

“What are you doing, Finnick? Don’t forget that you’ve already divorced Vivian!”

Left with no choice, Finnick could only watch as Vivian disappeared from his sight. Flinging Evelyn’s hand away, Finnick lashed out angrily, “What exactly do you want? What were you implying in your words just now?”

He had wanted to see Vivian again, but judging from her current attitude toward him, he knew it would be hard for him to meet her again. Besides, he had not found out what she meant by her words earlier before Evelyn came and said those things.

Although he was indeed living with Evelyn now, the way she put it could easily cause misunderstandings.

Seeing Finnick get mad at her, Evelyn immediately got misty-eyed as she chokingly replied, “Finnick, Vivian is just your ex-wife, while I’m your current girlfriend. How can you go after her and leave me behind? Besides, there’s nothing wrong with what I said. I just want to invite her over to our place.”

Hearing this, Finnick shot her a skeptical look. When did I agree to be with her? When did I say that she’s my girlfriend?

Evelyn did not notice the look on his face as she took out a handkerchief and wiped her tears, looking pitiful.

“A-Are you trying to dump me and get back with her after seeing that she’s become so beautiful while I’m a disabled person? Finnick, Vivian’s the one who left you back then. She doesn’t love you anymore. I’m the one who loves you. Can’t you see my feelings for you even after five years?”

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