Never Late, Never Away Chapter 52

“It’s alright…” She quickly avoided his gaze. “My mom isn’t feeling very well… She needs time alone to rest…”

Vivian kept her words vague and did not mention her mother’s illness. Nor did she bring up the outstanding hospital bills.

Finnick’s eyes darkened.

As an experienced businessman, he had definitely met girls who were fake or promiscuous. Those who came from prominent families always acted coquettishly and only knew how to rely on men on every trivial issue. They were always asking for his money or for his help.

However, Vivian was different from the rest of them.

Even though they were newlyweds, she never once asked for anything from him. To be specific, she intentionally avoided doing so.

Her distant and cold demeanor somehow irked Finnick.

“Really?” The coldness in his voice revealed his unhappiness. “Well, I hope she gets well soon then.”

Vivian furrowed her brows slightly.

Did I say anything wrong? Why does Finnick look upset?

However, she did not continue the conversation and finished breakfast. Finnick then drove her to the Subway station, and she took the train to work.

After arriving at the building, she headed to the Department of Finance instead of her office in an attempt to get a month’s advance on her salary.

However, she already got an advance previously. If they approved her request once more, it would be an advance for the month after.

“Vivian, it’s not that we don’t want to help you. We understand your difficulties, but we are not authorized to approve your request.” Zoe from the Department of Finance looked at Vivian in a helpless manner.

Vivian’s eyes darkened slightly. She was about to speak, but suddenly, a cold voice echoed from behind.

“Vivian, don’t you know it’s office hours? Why are you here at the Department of Finance? You should be preparing for this afternoon’s interview!”

Her heart skipped a beat as she heard the voice. Reluctantly, she turned her head to see Fabian standing behind her with a cold glare.

“I have some matters to attend to.” She did not want to speak to Fabian at all. Hence, she stepped out of the office quickly without elaborating further.

However, just as she turned the corner, Fabian caught up with her and grabbed onto her wrist before pinning her to the wall.

“Fabian, what are you doing!” Vivian lowered her voice and hissed as she was afraid that Zoe and the rest from the Department of Finance would overhear them.

“Nothing.” He still had that smirk on his face as he stared at her arrogantly. “I’m just showing concern to my fiancée’s sister. Now, this is not your first time asking for an advance. What is going on, huh?”

At that moment, Vivian knew that Fabian had overheard her conversation with Zoe earlier. She rubbed the sore spot on her wrists and replied casually, “Mr. Norton, didn’t I tell you this before? I want to buy a bag.”

“Vivian, do you take me for a fool?” Fabian chuckled.

He did not believe that Finnick would not buy a bag for her if she really wanted it, considering how well he treated her.

There was definitely something else going on. It must be an emergency since she’s so desperate and probably a matter that she can’t tell Finnick about.

Upon these thoughts, the evil smirk on his face got wider. Suddenly, he pinned her to the wall once again with both hands and restrained her.

“Finnick, let go! What are you doing!” Vivian panicked.

“Vivian, it seems like you really need money, hmm?” He bent forward slightly and whispered into her ear, “A month’s salary… Let me guess, that’s about ten thousand, right?”

“It’s none of your business.” She furrowed her brows and struggled to escape.

However, his next words made her entire body freeze.

“How about this? I’ll give you ten thousand for you to have a one-night stand with me. What do you think?”

She glared at him in disbelief, only to see him staring right at her with a mocking expression.

“So?” He lowered his head and locked his eyes onto her pale face. Deep down, he was annoyed. His blood slowly boiled as his mind flashed back to the scene where Finnick and she flirted. “Ten thousand for a night is way above market price. You only stand to gain here.”

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