Never Late, Never Away Chapter 520

“Finnick, Vivian doesn’t love you anymore. She’s moved on. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have walked away just now. Finnick, just get over her, okay? Let’s start over. We’ll definitely be happy together. Trust me, okay?”

“Even if she doesn’t like me anymore, I’ll still try to win her back.” There was a look of determination in Finnick’s eyes when he looked at Evelyn. “Evelyn, I can’t forget Vivian. I can’t live without her. At first, I planned to go to A Nation to find her when you can live on your own, but now that she has come back, I’ll never let her go again.”

“What about your promise to me?” Pushing him away, Evelyn yelled at him emotionally, “Does your promise not count anymore?”

Saying nothing, Finnick did not know how to explain to her as he had indeed broken his promise back then. As silence engulfed them, Evelyn continued to sob.

“I’m sorry, Evelyn. I can promise you anything other than this,” Finnick said guiltily after a long time.

“Fine. It’s okay if you don’t want to be with me.” Evelyn had a look of revenge on her face. “Just promise me you won’t be with Vivian as well. As long as you can promise me, I won’t talk about being with you anymore.”

Finnick kept silent.

“What’s the matter?” Evelyn mocked, “Didn’t you just say you can promise me anything?”

“Evelyn,” Finnick pinched the bridge of his nose as he asserted, “Don’t be unreasonable. I’ll never give up on Vivian.”

After speaking, he did not bother to wait for her response and directly left.

It seems that it’s impossible to make it clear to her. I have to think of other ways.

“Come back, Finnick!” Watching him walk away, Evelyn shouted frantically, “Are you going to leave me, a cripple, here all by myself? Are you even a man?”

But Finnick didn’t look back. It was not that he was really cruel, but he had heard far too many threats like this and grew desensitized to them.

“Ah!” Clutching at the armrest of the wheelchair, Evelyn screamed, completely ignoring the fact that she was in a public area.

It’s your fault, Vivian! It’s all because of you that Finnick said those things to me! Why did you come back? Why didn’t you die abroad?

Evelyn inwardly cursed Vivian with the most vicious words, her eyes gleaming with a frenzy of hatred.

Vivian, since you have the nerve to come back, I’ll definitely not let you off. Just you wait! I can force you to go abroad once, so I can do it again! No! This time, I’m gonna take your life!

By the time Vivian got changed and came back out, she saw that Finnick and Evelyn had already left. As a wave of relief washed over her, she felt a hint of disappointment for some reason, but she could not figure out where that emotion came from.

Shaking her head to dismiss all the messy thoughts in her head, she left the hotel. What happened between them had nothing to do with her now.

When she walked to the entrance of the hotel, she was surprised to see Evelyn outside. At that moment, Evelyn was looking around at the entrance as if waiting for someone.

She’s not waiting for me, is she? Vivian had a bad feeling about it and started to get a headache as she really didn’t want to deal with her.

But it turned out that her hunch was accurate as Evelyn immediately maneuvered her wheelchair toward her upon seeing her.

Vivian turned around and wanted to leave when she suddenly thought of something and stopped in her tracks. She was no longer who she was five years ago. Even though she felt an unexpected panic rising inside her when she saw Finnick, she still had the confidence to deal with Evelyn.

Therefore, she decided to see what tricks Evelyn was pulling, since the latter had deliberately waited for her out here. She didn’t want to get unknowingly set up by her again.

With that thought in mind, Vivian turned around and waited for Evelyn to come up to her.

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