Never Late, Never Away Chapter 521

Evelyn nearly lost it the moment she saw Vivian. She wished she could pounce on her and scratch the face that she used to beguile Finnick.

Suppressing her agitation, Evelyn inwardly told herself, It’s not the time yet. I can’t fall out with Vivian yet. After some time, I’ll definitely make her life as miserable as it was five years ago! I’ll make her pay for the grievances I’ve suffered!

When she stopped her wheelchair in front of Vivian, she put on a guilty expression. “Vivian, I’ve been waiting for you here for a long time. I have something to say to you today.” Then, she reached out to grab Vivian’s hand.

Raising her hand, Vivian purposely made it clear that she wanted to avoid her touch. “Just say what you want to say.”

Do you think I wanna touch you, b*tch? Feeling awkward, Evelyn silently cursed at Vivian deep down while putting on a flummoxed expression, acting as if the latter was bullying her.

Coupled with her seemingly innocent face and pitiful wheelchair-bound condition, several people who passed by the hotel lobby shot Vivian unpleasant glances that spoke of warning and disapproval.

Vivian mentally sneered. She’s indeed never changed. Like five years ago, she knows how to win the sympathy of others, which is something I’ll never be better at than she is.

“Vivian, I know you’re mad at me. What happened five years ago is my fault. I apologize.” Evelyn sounded sincere. “I’m sorry, Vivian. I’m so sorry. I was too ignorant five years ago. It’s my fault. Can you forgive me?”

Vivian was confused that Evelyn was actually apologizing to her. She thought the latter was going to warn her and tell her not to steal Finnick from her. After all, Evelyn was the kind of person who would do so. But what is she up to now?

“Evelyn, just drop the pretense and get straight to the point,” Vivian said with a cold look on her face without beating about the bush.

“Vivian, I know that you might not believe me for saying this, but I really know that I was wrong.” At this point, Evelyn actually whipped up some tears.

“As you can see, I’m a cripple now, so God has already given me the punishment that I deserve. Can you please forgive me?”

“Have you really learned your lesson?” Vivian gave her a suspicious look.

“Yeah.” Evelyn hurriedly nodded. “Vivian, I really know I was wrong back then. I’ve been wanting to apologize to you face to face for five years, but I have no chance. Now that you’re finally back, I can finally get it off my chest.”

Seeing the sincerity in Evelyn’s eyes, Vivian almost believed what she said. But having been set up by Evelyn too many times before, she would not believe her so easily.

Staring at her, Vivian said nothing as she wanted to see what exactly she wanted to say.

Evelyn went up to her again and grabbed her hand, weeping while saying, “Vivian, after my legs are maimed, I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve done previously. The more I think about it, the more I regret it. You really thought of me as a friend back then. I shouldn’t have done things like that to you. Perhaps God made me a cripple because he can’t stand my arrogance anymore. Vivian, I’ve really realized my mistake. Can you give me a chance to compensate you? Now, when I think of the days when we were friends, I realize that it’s really good to have you as my friend. I shouldn’t have abandoned friendship because of a man. Vivian, I want to be friends with you again. Let’s go shopping and eat together like we did before, okay? I promise I’ll treat you with sincerity this time. Will you give me a chance?”

After speaking, Evelyn looked at Vivian with tears in her eyes, as if a “no” from the latter would amount to a wicked crime.

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