Never Late, Never Away Chapter 522

She wants to be friends with me again? Vivian snorted coldly in her head as she resisted the urge to fling her hand away.

This was exactly what she did five years ago. She first made friends with Vivian and then set up one trap after another, waiting for the latter to walk right into them. Vivian knew that she was pulling the same trick again. Does she think I’m so stupid that I’ll be fooled again? Isn’t it just acting? Well, I can act too.

“Do you really want to be friends with me again?” Vivian pretended to fall for it.

“Yes.” Giving a firm nod, Evelyn was secretly happy, but she still had on a guilty look. “Vivian, please forgive me, alright? Time will prove that I’ve learned my lesson.”

“All right,” Vivian said, hesitant, “I forgive you.”

“Really?” There was a genuine look of astonishment in Evelyn’s eyes this time. “Vivian, are you really willing to forgive me? Are you really still willing to treat me as your friend?”

Evelyn could not believe that she could actually talk Vivian into forgiving her so easily.

“Yes, I forgive you,” Vivian said with a smile, “As you said, your legs are already maimed. I believe you have learned your lesson from it, and you won’t do those things again.”

“Thank you, Vivian,” Evelyn replied gratefully, “Thank you for forgiving me.”

“It’s okay.” Vivian patted her on the hand and comforted her, “Now that you need to travel in a wheelchair, you must take good care of yourself. Don’t be so apologetic from now on. Let’s just assume those things had never happened before, okay?”

“Okay. Those things are already behind us. We won’t mention them again.” Evelyn happily agreed.

Looking at the watch on her wrist, Vivian pretended to be in a rush. “I have something to attend to later, so I may not be able to accompany you. Be careful when you head home.”

“It’s okay. Take care of your stuff first. I’m fine on my own,” Evelyn urged Vivian to leave, looking like they were best friends.

“Okay then. I’ll see you again.” Vivian pretended to be apologetic while glancing at Evelyn before she left.

In fact, she could not continue to play along anymore as she was not as good at it as Evelyn, and that was already her limit.

Seeing that Vivian was walking further, Evelyn finally assumed her true self. With a look full of contempt, she mocked in a low voice, “Vivian, it seems that you’re still as foolish as you were. You actually believed me so easily. This time, I’ll make you regret your decision to come back.”

After leaving the hotel, Vivian saw Benedict waiting for her in his car not far away. Vivian trotted over, feeling sorry for making him wait for so long.

As soon as she opened the door and got into the car, she saw Benedict looking at her with a worried expression on his face.

“What’s wrong, Ben?” Vivian asked, “Did something happen to the company?”

“No, the company’s fine. Don’t worry. I think I saw you talking to Evelyn. Are you okay?” Benedict was the person who knew Evelyn best, so he was worried that Vivian would be hurt by her.

Vivian’s heart filled with warmth after knowing that Benedict was worried about her. I think only my brother will be truly concerned about me in this world. Oh, and my little pumpkin too.

The thought of her son filled her heart with happiness.

“Don’t worry, Ben. I’m no longer the same foolish woman that I was back then. I won’t fall into Evelyn’s trap again. I’ll protect myself,” Vivian assured Benedict with a serious look on her face that she would be careful as she did not want him to be worried about her other than being swamped with work at the company.

“Just be careful.” It was impossible for Benedict to not be worried as he knew full well that Vivian was no match for Evelyn when it came to framing others. But he was slightly relieved to know that Vivian was keeping her guard up.

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